the handlebar | #everydaylife

If you follow my blog, you know that we are two months into the Everyday Life contest… I’m having so much fun with the Gentry family. But THIS month, we took our show on the road to the Handlebar Indy. A good fun day with an amazing group of people (many of whom I celebrated a wedding with one year ago to the day!). Here are a few images from our afternoon:

2014-09-01_0004Pin IT 2014-09-01_0005Pin IT 2014-09-01_0006Pin IT 2014-09-01_0007Pin IT 2014-09-01_0008Pin IT 2014-09-01_0009Pin IT 2014-09-01_0010Pin IT 2014-09-01_0011Pin IT 2014-09-01_0013Pin IT 2014-09-01_0014Pin IT 2014-09-01_0015Pin IT 2014-09-01_0016Pin ITAnd, just for fun… these were ridiculous.

2014-09-01_0017Pin ITCan’t wait for next month, friends!


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