the every day life contest | july

Meet the winners of the Every Day Photography Contest: Michael, Megan, baby Bella and Wrigley, the dog.

Our first session was a bit of a meet and greet on a weeknight after Michael got home from work and Bella chowed down on some food. I immediately fell in love with this family.

I cannot wait to spend more this family over the course of the year… it’s going to be a fun ride.

2014-08-05_0005Pin IT2014-08-05_0001Pin IT 2014-08-05_0002Pin IT“Why is this lady bossing me around? I didn’t take a nap and it’s almost bedtime.” -Bella

2014-08-05_0003Pin IT 2014-08-05_0004Pin IT 2014-08-05_0006Pin IT 2014-08-05_0007Pin IT 2014-08-05_0008Pin IT 2014-08-05_0009Pin IT 2014-08-05_0010Pin ITNext up in August: The Handlebar Indy with the grown-ups!


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