the blog about turning 38.

Ah, 38. How in the hell did that happen? I’ve been pretty reflective lately. I’ve done a great deal of thinking. And here are 38 of my most consistent thoughts:

People will let you down. The trick is for you not to be one of them.

Fewer things in the world irk me more than randomly using upper case letters. Don’t do it. It makes your grammar teacher angry, too.

It is impossible for me to successfully run a business without fine point Sharpies in all of the colors.

With the exception of understanding how many dogs is appropriate, how to diagnose a broken arm and the tattoo/whore correlation, my mom is generally correct.

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The last glass of wine is usually a bad idea. It’s also often the most delicious.

Sometimes you just need a nap.

Life is good. And, when it’s not, a cookie and a fountain coke go a long way.

A dating site profile picture of a dude, shirtless, in the mirror of his bathroom is certain to not get you a date. Not with me, at least.

Mean girls suck. Just be nice or go away.

Window seats are good for flights under three hours. Otherwise, an aisle seat is critical.

I’d image using the delta sign instead of the word “change” has saved me at least two months in note-taking time over the course of my life.

It is impossible to make a list of the best A Tribe Called Quest songs. I’ve tried. It cannot be done.

The importance of sunscreen cannot be overstated.

Putting on a sports bra, running pants and sneakers is not the same as working out. Damn it.

Sometimes it just makes good sense to use your straightening iron to do ironing touch ups on clothes… particularly collars and hemlines. Try it. It will be our secret.

Every once in awhile, the notion of just calming the eff down just totally gets lost on me. I’m working on it.

I never need a large Coke from McDonald’s. I only need a medium. I always get a large.

Doing what’s best is often hard. I need to remember that I should almost always do it anyway.

My dad has taught me to always tell people that I appreciate what they do. I appreciate him for teaching me that.

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It’s funny where life takes you. Some of my very best friends have come from the most uncertain times of my life. I’m grateful.

A world without Pandora, Parkmobile, Instagram, Netflix and Shazam is a world that I don’t want to live in.

Fleece leggings. That is all.

The order in which I consume my morning information (revised): Instagram, Facebook, CNN, Twitter, TMZ.

I need to do a better job of doing what’s best for me. So far, when I’ve done that, the world hasn’t ended. That’s a good sign.

Having a broken heart hurts more the older that I get.

Timing is everything. Everything.

Everyone has a story. The idea that I sometimes get to help other people share their stories is a pretty awesome part of my own story.

Settling for vending machine sandwiches, ordering half ass cocktails, not checking baggage and waiting until the gas light comes on to fill up have all proven to be horrible ideas.

Back up plans are overrated (exception: when you’re planning an outdoor wedding in Indiana).

“Marathons aren’t mandatory.” (Thank you, Leslie Bailey.)

 You cannot manage beagle shedding. You must simply embrace it.

Navy blue and black can, and should, be worn together.

If you don’t feel well, WebMD will almost certainly tell you that you’re going to die. Calling your doctor is a way better move. That said, I love health insurance.

Things that get me fired up include, but aren’t limited to: not replying to a text, not giving me enough ice in my fountain drink and using more than three periods in an ellipsis. Avoid doing these things to me.

My dog having cancer is the scariest and biggest bunch of bullshit that I’ve ever dealt with. She’s handling it better than me. This is not shocking.

Be fierce. If you don’t feel fierce, faking it helps a lot.

I was correct: chemistry class was totally unnecessary.

Without question, it’s been a beautiful year.

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