seattle | 10 minutes of photography

Oh, Seattle, how I love you. Thank you for the hospitality, the Beecher’s mac and cheese, the lovely Uber drivers, the compliments on my hair (sure it’s for the Hawks), the dinner with Morgan and Jordan, the delicious steak, the hotel upgrade, the mild weather and the Top Pot doughnuts. And, congrats on the big win.

2014-02-04_001Pin IT 2014-02-04_002Pin IT 2014-02-04_003Pin IT 2014-02-04_004Pin IT 2014-02-04_005Pin IT 2014-02-04_006Pin IT 2014-02-04_007Pin IT 2014-02-04_008Pin IT 2014-02-04_009Pin IT 2014-02-04_010Pin IT

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