reid, one year | indianapolis portrait photographer

Fact: my friends make beautiful babies. Meet Reid. He’s one. This was our second shoot together and he’s now reached the “I can run, so I’m gonna” stage. I love it. It’s so fun to watch them find their way (and their boundaries). Kelsie and Kirk, thank you for being my friends. And for giving me such a beautiful birthday boy to photograph!

2015-11-23_0002Pin IT2015-11-23_0004Pin IT2015-11-23_0009Pin IT2015-11-23_0007Pin IT2015-11-23_0010Pin IT2015-11-23_0001Pin IT2015-11-23_0011Pin IT2015-11-23_0005Pin IT2015-11-23_0003Pin IT2015-11-23_0008Pin IT2015-11-23_0013Pin IT2015-11-23_0017Pin IT2015-11-23_0016Pin IT2015-11-23_0012Pin IT

The way he’s looking at Kelsie in this last one MELTS MY HEART. Ahhhh.

2015-11-23_0019Pin IT

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