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I’ve known Meggie and Josh since… well, forever (it seems). I remember the day that Meggie thought Josh was going to propose (he did!). I remember the day that they got married (and their photographers took the most perfect wedding shot ever which is part of the reason that I picked up a camera in the first place!). You may recognize them from the styled wedding that we did last spring (in a monsoon… I owe them big time, STILL!).

But this? This is my favorite event of all. The day I got the text from Meggie with an ultrasound pic titled “my kid”, I hoped for a lifetime of photographing this little girl. She didn’t disappoint.

Oh, and you’re going to say, “THAT NURSERY WALL!?!?!?” Yep. It’s amazing. My lovely friend at Manayunk Calligraphy ROCKED IT OUT with some of Meggie and Josh’s favorite quotes about strong women. I mean, come on… and it couldn’t have been a better backdrop for this session. I present to you, with love: THE MOST PHOTOGENIC FAMILY IN AMERICA.

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P.S. Do I photograph newborns? I keep saying no… because I don’t do posed studio shoots (if you want some referrals on who does, I have some greats ones). But, I should say YES… because I just love in-home newborn sessions like this. Thank you for letting me be a part of Penny Mae’s modeling debut! Let’s have a 3:00 brownie ASAP? Love you guys.

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