megan + billy | a teaser

NO ONE will accuse these two of not having a damn good time at their reception.  LOVE them.View full post »

lockstar | indianapolis DJ photographer

Go here.  Listen to his tunes.  If you don’t like hip hop, don’t get mad at me.View full post »

lindsay + jason | indianapolis wedding photographer

Lindsay and Jason are the kind of couple that make me believe in the real thing.  They met and lollygaggedView full post »

ella + maddy | indianapolis portrait photographer

Same girls.  Same park.  New year. I love photographing these families year after year… it’s like I blinkView full post »

tyler, cameron and annie | indianapolis portrait photographer

Sometimes, you just get lucky in life and make one of THOSE friends.  You know, the ones who you just feel like haveView full post »

and, exhale.

I have the best job in the world.  Really, I can (for the most part) sleep in on Mondays and I get to work with some ofView full post »

gus + lawson | indianapolis portrait photographer

Lawson is no stranger to the blog, but the moment I saw the newest addition to this family, I knew we needed newView full post »

walker | indianapolis portrait photographer

Babies make me laugh—in general.  More specifically, babies that are Walker’s age.  They are hilarious, haveView full post »

lauren + derek | the wedding | indianapolis wedding photographer

and it’s something quite peculiar | something that’s shimmering and white | leads you here despite yourView full post »

rufa | indianapolis pet photographer

I have many, many (millions) photos of Ms. Lucy Jane.  And while she looks like smiles and sunshine, that little houndView full post »

fall portrait sessions | book now and save

It’s time for fall family and senior portrait sessions.  Book before the end of August for fall and you’llView full post »

the first day of school | mrs. connor

So, Mrs. Connor doesn’t have the releases yet to put this new batch of kids on her blog, so when I stopped byView full post »

share the love | wish upon a wedding

It’s share the love week.  So, let’s share it, friends.  If you don’t already know about Wish Upon AView full post »

clarity, instagram and room service | just me

Things I learned on my summer vacation, by Molly Connor. I don’t take enough vacations.  I’m pretty good at them.  IfView full post »

sarah + zach | the wedding | indianapolis wedding photographer

Meet Zach and Sarah*.  Zach is just the sweetest guy around.  And Sarah is the most enthusiastic bride—in the historyView full post »

shelbe + joel | the barn | indianapolis wedding photographer

These two are proof that the world is a beautiful place.  They are just special, and I’ve been sure of their love sinceView full post »

pretty girls, good drugs and HBO | just me

My weekend started out like this: And ended up like this: Not good.  But there were some bright spots—let’s focus onView full post »

cedric + ezra | grady + braxton | indianapolis portrait photographer

Chad and Doug are friends via my rock star graphic designer, Brad (shameless plug-  They liveView full post »

beckett + matilda + parker (+ izzy + asher + hadley) | indianapolis portrait photographer

Jan is my friend.  Jan has a daughter named Hilary and a daughter-in-law named Carey.  These three broads are some ofView full post »

sweet louise | indianapolis portrait photographer

Let me start with this: I am grateful that I am real friends with Molly Chavers.  I say that because, for like 100View full post »

tess + molly | indianapolis portrait photographer

I mean… what’s there to say?  I love this kid.  Her mom is pretty rad, too.  So anytime they want to hangView full post »

caitlin + ryan | indianapolis portrait photographer

Sarah Jones is one of the things that I miss most about working at that company I used to work for.  I miss our chats,View full post »

tracey + dylan | indianapolis wedding photographer

Like any good modern relationship, Tracey and I met online.  Literally.  All of our meetings were on Skype…  andView full post »

aiden (and his grown-ups) | mini-session | indianapolis portrait photographer

I’ve known this family since this little guy’s mom was this age… and I was super excited to be ableView full post »

get it, girl | indianapolis boudoir photographer

It’s hot.  You’re hot.  Let’s do some boudoir photos! I am hosting another boudoir weekend—this time, at my downtownView full post »

morgan + jordan | indianapolis wedding photographer

A wedding surrounded by love, family and friends—that’s what this was.  They have been together all of theirView full post »

brittney + brett | e-session | indianapolis wedding photographer

The best new client inquiry I ever received was from Brett.  When we met over beers at the Red Key Tavern (bonusView full post »

christine + charlie | indianapolis wedding photographer

I knew right away that I would like these two.  We sat down for beers at Old Point Tavern on Mass Ave. many months agoView full post »

shelbe + joel | e-session | indianapolis wedding photographer

One month from today, sweet Shelbe will marry her very best friend, Joel. I knew from the first time we sat down thatView full post »

an uplugged wedding? | indianapolis wedding photographer

There’s been a lot of chatter online lately about “unplugged” weddings, and I’ve been goingView full post »

summer mini-sessions are back

Now that I have survived the Summer of Shingles—mini-sessions are back!  Grab your kids, your dogs, your girlfriends orView full post »

erica + carlos | indianapolis wedding photographer

Ah, Erica and Carlos.  These two are in L-O-V-E.  They are two peas in a pod and spend most of their time cracking eachView full post »

miss delaney | indianapolis portrait photographer

This is Delaney.  Her mom and I used to work together 100 years ago and I am so glad we were able to get together—sheView full post »