late summer mini-sessions | #forshannon

Less than one week ago, a dear friend of mine had her life senselessly taken. The void in the universe is unspeakable,View full post »

erin and jeff | the wedding

Photographer’s note: I apologize that there are 39,492,032 images in this post. I literally couldn’t stopView full post »

alegra | the pre-quinceañera

(Note from me: I’ve known Alegra since she was in first grade. Without question, I consider her family to be myView full post »

anne, adam and louis, the dog | engagement

Anne, Adam and the furriest member of their bridal party, Louis. You can’t even imagine how fantastic their lateView full post »

callahan, sam and owen | chicago mini-session

Let’s start at the end. Meet (L-R) Callahan, Sam and Owen. Cal and Sam are brothers. Owen is their cousin. TheirView full post »

alyssa and brian | the chicago wedding

Alyssa and Brian live in Tucson, Arizona. They came to me by way of referral (love that). When I first emailed withView full post »

natalie and eric | the wedding

I’ve known Natalie since she was… 6. So, when she reached out to me about photographing the day she marriedView full post »

isabelle | chicago mini-session

Isabelle’s mom, Annie, is one of my dear friends by association. I love Emily (one of my besties). Emily’sView full post »

brooke and chris | the wedding

Brooke and Chris are a dream come true… they are gorgeous and kind and fun (and the first time I met with them, IView full post »

kiersten + colin (+ petey) | the engagement session

I mean, come on. They are the best. I basically gave them zero direction… their schmoopiness just oozes. If IView full post »

the “everyday life” photography contest

What the heck are you talking about? I read an article today. You can read it here. It talks about how there’s a trendView full post »

jessica and phillip | the wedding

Jessica and Phil. There are no words. The moment that I met Jess over a cocktail at the Ball & Biscuit, I knew thatView full post »

happy birthday, dear momma

Dear Susan: I had an idea. I thought I would ask some of your friends for a few reasons why they loved you. I wasView full post »

uh-oh, another lightbulb went out…

A little over ten weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about light bulbs. You can read it here. It’s pretty darn good. Today,View full post »

lindsay and eddy | the engagement session

This may be one of my all-time favorite engagement shoots. Seriously. Two things I love… first, this gal knowsView full post »

alexis and scott, plus chandis, xander and stevie | mini-session

I’ve known this little girl for nearly twenty years. Time flies… and now she has a family of her own. WhatView full post »

kaelin and james | the wedding

A few things that I’ve learned about Kaelin and James, by Molly Connor First of all, on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, KaelinView full post »

wtf | the arrows

*Yes, I had to look up “fletches”.View full post »

emily and gary | the wedding

In 1993, I made a friend. Later that year, I met that friend’s little sister. Twenty years later, I photographedView full post »

eleven minutes with alex | indianapolis portrait photographer

Today, I had seven amazing studio mini-shoots. This is Alex. Everything went right. I had a cool kid, a laid back mom,View full post »

onto the next one.

Last year’s wedding season was pretty dope. It will be hard to top. I had snow, sand, dogs, a flash mob, collegeView full post »

ali and dj | the engagement session

I may have my diploma revoked for this, but Ali and DJ will be the FIFTH Roncalli couple whose wedding I’veView full post »

the day that jude was born | delivery

The Friday in August that Jude was born was a little bananas. I got a call that morning from Cambrie Anderson asking meView full post »

engagement sesssions | my $0.02

AHHH, ENGAGEMENT SHOOTS. LOVE THEM. I am a firm believer that an engagement shoot is the best possible way for you toView full post »

a styled shoot: the crane bay

Last year, a fantastic group of vendors got together to create a styled shoot, showcasing one of the most unique venuesView full post »

headquarters | molly connor photography

A few months ago, I moved my office back to my house. It made sense financially in terms of operating costs… andView full post »

kathleen and tony | the engagement

A few drinks and some laps up and down Mass Ave. made for the perfect engagement session with Kathleen and Tony. LikeView full post »

the one about the light bulbs | personal

My bathroom has four lights above the vanity. They each take a 60-watt bulb. Early last month, two light bulbs burnedView full post »

when rick had a birthday…

You know how you have those FUN friends? The one who are just inherently fun and is always in for a good time? ThoseView full post »

anne and adam | save the date teaser

Just a sneak at our mini-Save The Date session (don’t want to give too much away!). So much more to come whenView full post »

jessica and phillip | the engagement session

Jessica and Phillip, I totally dig you two. It’s a pretty amazing thing when I meet clients and feel likeView full post »

seattle | 10 minutes of photography

Oh, Seattle, how I love you. Thank you for the hospitality, the Beecher’s mac and cheese, the lovely UberView full post »

jessica and rick | the wedding

WHAT a way to kick of 2014! Whoa. Once upon a time, Rick went to a bank to refinance his house. Little did he know thatView full post »