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today’s mail.

This arrived today, in an envelope, with Emily’s return address.  I have the best friends in the world,View full post »

hello, landon.

A quick teaser of my time this morning with Landon.  More to come…View full post »

dear universe…

I am paying attention.  Carry on.View full post »

cavities and resignations

On Thursday, I found out that I had my first cavity.  If you know me, you know that it’s sort of a miracle that thisView full post »

happy birthday, kaylie.

Kaylie is having herself a strawberry-themed birthday party, so what better outfit to rock for our shoot?View full post »

attention class of 2012 | senior photo contest

Attention class of 2012! Holy crap, this is exciting… I’m giving away a custom senior portrait sessionView full post »

love | countdown

I love my brides (and the grooms, too).  And I count the days until we rock out together.  A little countdown to myView full post »

just me | chalk

Sometimes, when I get bored and it’s sunny outside, I draw things on my sidewalk with chalk. Then I stand over itView full post »

my true love | the goose

There is no better face than this face.View full post »

young love | anne + dick

*Stay tuned for more photos of this event… my eyes are literally burning, but I wanted to get something up forView full post »

valentine’s day: less than three

It’s the Valentine’s Day edition of Less Than Three.  I’m not 100% sold on Valentine’s Day, butView full post »

a sign.

This is EXACTLY what I needed today.  Ready?  Go.View full post »

bloody amazing

I might be having this made into a canvas.  I simply love it.  Do you know about workisnotajob.?  I get lots of coolView full post »

less than three | wordle

I think I’m probably late to the party on this cool thing, but do you know about Wordle?  It’s this coolView full post »

jw salon | opening day

I met Jessica Warrix through some of my favorite brides.  We spent some time together at her previous salon for theView full post »

love | kelly

One of my besties, Kelly, takes as many photos as I do.  Okay, that’s a lie… but she takes a lot.  A fewView full post »

me | 25 points

I’m finally attempting to get things finished in the studio (10 months later) by filing paperwork, hangingView full post »

mini-session update

How exciting!  I plan on doing these mini-sessions once in the spring and once in the fall (at a minimum).  It’sView full post »

no, thank you.

I’m sick.  No, thank you.  There is more snot in my left nostril than I can keep up with.  I have a fever, and noView full post »

katie | let it snow

This is Katie.  She’s one of my favorite senior photo clients… and she was home for college over winterView full post »

tess | the real deal

Earlier today, I posted a teaser of the cutest baby I know ever, Tess.  I seriously couldn’t contain myView full post »

tess | a teaser

I will post more of these ASAP, but I couldn’t NOT post this one right away. I think that this photo sums up howView full post »

drew | get well soon

This is my client, Drew.  Poor little dude had an freak accident at daycare and had to have a little procedure done toView full post »


Indianapolis spring mini-sessions are here!  There are a few sessions left each day.  Click here for moreView full post »

goose | joy

This is one happy dog.View full post »

caroline | and her family

I met with the Hanke family the day after Christmas for a shoot while everyone was in town. We did a lot of familyView full post »

me | my birthday (don’t worry, it’s over)

You might have heard my birthday was last month. 🙂 I was playing around tonight and decided to use some of my favoriteView full post »

me | run(ning) out of excuses

There’s a lot of running going on in my life lately. Literally. Everyone I know is running. Some of them run inView full post »

me | a lovely quote

I hated strongly disliked the book Where The Wild Things Are. I just didn’t dig it.* The movie, on the otherView full post »

fancy beer | a shout out to matilda

I have these clients. Their names are Parker and Matilda. They are twins. They’re east coast gals. And theyView full post »

molly and jackson | IMA

This is Molly and Jackson, and they live in Mexico. Their mom and I have known each other since high school and I wasView full post »

izzy and asher | studio

This is the second time I’ve taken photos of Izzy and Asher.  I think these two are just so stinkin’View full post »

today’s soundtrack.

Today, I’m editing.  Want to hear what I hear?  I built us a play list.  There are like 10-ish songs.  Click theView full post »