drew + eli | a boy and his dog

Drew is hysterical.  He is such a funny little guy.  He tries to be shy while rockin’ turquoise sunglasses.  WhenView full post »

new rule | cocktails

I propose a new rule… all engagement shoots should start with a cocktail.  Who’s with me?  Just a teaser ofView full post »

cake + balls | craft club

Two things (in my mind) led up to me being invited to be in a craft club.  They are as follows: 1.  The book club thatView full post »

let’s get to work | john gregg

This is the nicest guy you will ever meet. He also just happened to form an exploratory committee to see aboutView full post »

kristen + aaron | happily ever after

I can’t tell you how much I heart this wedding.  This was a special day.  Everything about it worked out justView full post »

TEASER | love | kristen + aaron

Sometimes, the universe just lines up perfectly… true love, a lovely couple, perfect weather, gorgeous venues andView full post »

snappening launch party | cheers

Tonight, I was honored to photograph Snappening’s launch party.  I just love all of the people involved in thisView full post »


This is bad.  Lenses are supposed to be round.  Unless, of course, your go-to lens is attached to a camera on a strapView full post »

reese | mini-session

Meet Reese.  She and I hung out earlier this week on a SUNNY day at Coxhall Gardens and at a darling park in theView full post »

cecelia | mini-session

After two rainouts, Miss Cecelia braved the elements to do this shoot at the Indianapolis Art Center.  Her shy sideView full post »

june playdates | SUMMER SALE—$50

What better time than NOW to schedule a photography playdate with ME?  Bring your dog, your kite, your tricycle, aView full post »

space travel | a field trip

Today I took a field trip with a bunch of first graders and a few rowdy grown ups.  We went to the Challenger LearningView full post »

snappening | www.snappening.com

Have you heard?  Snappening is one of the coolest tools I’ve used.  I love everything about it and I’mView full post »

nellie + beck | quinn + keegan

I moved to Indianapolis from Kansas in the summer of 1988.  I knew no one.  We moved at the beginning of the summer.  IView full post »

rock on, blogstomp.

Photoshop and I aren’t that tight.  I didn’t learn on Photoshop and it is SO not intuitive to me. View full post »

maggie + jenn | happy mother’s day

(today, i’m turning over my blog to my dear friend, maggie.  as part of a mother’s day present orchestratedView full post »

i mean, SO cute.

My friends at The Organic Bloom let me have some cool files that will allow me to digitally drop my photos into some ofView full post »

thursday | thoughts

I am mad at Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.  I try not to judge names, because I have the name of a chocolate labradorView full post »

my so-called life

Every once in a while, the universe hands us a pop-culture gift.  Its most recent sussy is a little gem that causes usView full post »

lyndsay + matt | engagement session

It all started with a Skype meeting.  I was going to hop on Skype with Lyndsay and her mom for  a face-to-face meetingView full post »

Indy Blondes vs. Brunettes | raising money to fight Alzheimer’s

A day of flag football for charity… featuring blondes, brunettes and beer.  Does it get any better thanView full post »

ava + ronan + declan

Meet Ava, Ronan and Declan.  Their aunt Kelly is a friend of mine from high school and college… and I’dView full post »

bella + asher… and hadley.

Here are a few quick photos of the first of two shoots of Miss Hadley.  This installment features her older siblings,View full post »

nicholas | a day at the park

Nicholas is one of the sweeter kids I’ve ever met.  He’s just adorable.  I mean, LOOK at those eyes.  LastView full post »

happy birthday | sweet lucy jane.

Happy ninth birthday to my very best girl.  Thank you for being mine.View full post »

jacob | senior photos

This is Jacob.  He is a rockstar.  And let me tell you why. Jacob lives in Ohio.  He and his family were here in IndyView full post »

the bird + the balloon | love.

Tonight, I met Molly and Tess for a quick dinner.  Molly had said that she and Tess had a present for me… but IView full post »

Run-DMC and cake | happy birthday, J.

You all know Jacob.  You’ve seen him, and his brother Luke, all up on this blog.  I photographed his firstView full post »

nine kids | nine AM | game on

When I was in high school and college, Joe and Jody were two of my closest friends.  I loved going to their houseView full post »

the organic bloom: one step closer

The color samples have arrived… all FIFTY TWO of them.  I’m so excited, I could pee. Next step… orderView full post »

jacob | he likes cake

Just ONE quick photo before I turn in for the night… we had FUN.  First a Run-DMC tshirt and then cake. View full post »

my $0.02 | happy easter weekend

Things that rock:Things that suck:Luckily, they come in the right proportion.View full post »

felicia + chris | a boiler’d up e-session

Here are some of the things I love about Felicia and Chris: Chris organized our engagement session.  I thinkView full post »

a letter to my best friends…

To: my best friends From: molly connor Date: april 20 | 2011 Subject: gratitude Today, I went to aView full post »

miss claire | spring photos

I love Claire.  This is our fourth shoot together.  How fun is that?  You can see our other play dates here, here andView full post »

a mother’s prayer for its child | tina fey

I love Tina Fey.  I love everything about her.  And while I am (obviously) sans children, there are many readers ofView full post »