onto the next one.

Last year’s wedding season was pretty dope. It will be hard to top. I had snow, sand, dogs, a flash mob, college campuses, superheroes, a tetanus shot, airplanes, barns, a flood, museums and so much more. Oh, and a guy in a giant bear suit. It was a great year.

Since this is my last weekend before all hell breaks loose the 2014 season officially kicks off, I’m taking a few moments to remember how blessed I am. Here’s to the next 24…

2014-04-18_0031Pin IT2014-04-18_0032Pin IT 2014-04-18_0033Pin IT 2014-04-18_0034Pin IT 2014-04-18_0035Pin IT 2014-04-18_0036Pin IT 2014-04-18_0040Pin IT2014-04-18_0037Pin IT 2014-04-18_0042Pin IT 2014-04-18_0041Pin IT 2014-04-18_0039Pin IT 2014-04-18_0038Pin IT

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