one thousand four hundred seventy six days (-ish) | a personal post

Five years ago, I left my “real job” to be a full-time photographer. You can read about that here. What they say is true… time sure DOES fly when you’re having fun. On the day that I resigned, my friend Meghan said to me, “What you did takes the perfect amount of balls and crazy.” Amen, friend.

It’s scary everyday. All day. But it’s scary in the best possible way. And man, I’ve learned a lot.

In the end, I’m still convinced that it’s mostly about showing up. It’s about trusting your instinct and drowning out the noise. It’s about remembering that feelings are not facts (and, for what it’s worth, it’s also about having a good therapist who feeds me lines like that). It’s about having amazing clients with impeccable taste. It’s about knowing when a nap is the only move. It’s about understanding that failure is fuel and that successes ALWAYS deserve a mini-dance party in my office… or my car… or aisle five of the grocery store. And of the love of all things—it’s about being who you are and never apologizing for THAT.

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So, here’s to my business, my clients, my vendor friends, and a whole tribe of people that I adore. Here’s to rebrands, relocations, celebrations, nearly 200 weddings, a zillion funny stories and a whole lot of airline miles. Here’s to the laughter, the tears, the freak outs and the bottles of wine that have gone into turning this little project into a business.

And damn it, here’s to the next five. Cheers!

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