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My dearest Mindy…

Our friendship has been on the books for a long time—and for that, I’m grateful.

We have been through many things together, sometimes up close and sometimes from slightly further back. We’ve been through moves, book clubs, puppy love (literally), home ownership, thirty-something single girl OMG moments, but mostly a lot of laughs. You’ve made me (literally) beautiful when I needed the help, and you’ve made me smile at just the right times.

It’s truly been a beautiful thing to watch you open yourself up to love, ride the roller coaster, find the one and fall in love. I’ve never seen you happier, stronger or at peace with who you are. You’re radiating joy—and it’s lovely.

And, to Greg…

Thank you for loving my friend. Thank you for reminding her that she really is the most beautiful girl in the world and for helping her find her place. Thank you for the Henley story and for so often inspiring that burst of laughter that is unmistakably Mindy.

It was a beautiful full day at Laurel Hall, surrounded by their closest family and friends—the kind of wedding that was both strikingly beautiful and phenomenally intimate. Mindy cried. Greg cried. I cried.

I was filled with joy going through these images again… and cannot thank you enough for including me in your day.

2013-11-18_0053Pin IT

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Love you guys. Rock on. xoxo, mc

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