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Wine, travel, marmalade, Sam Cooke, dogs and filthy jokes… I love it when couples become friends right from the start. Some weddings are just special… and this was one of them. Mary Kay and Ian were all about enjoying each other, celebrating their day and having a hell of a good time. What more could a photographer ask for? Oh, and the wedding party included two Dogs of Honor: Monty and Lola. They rocked it, as well (which is RARELY the case when you have a four-legged friend in a wedding). It couldn’t have been better. Oh, and did I mention that there were Manhattan’s on-tap? True story.

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And then… back to where they met: the Tomlinson Tap Room. What a party it was!

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Get ready venue: Conrad Indianapolis | Ceremony venue: Indiana Statehouse | Officiant: Hon. Robert Altice, Indiana Court of Appeals | Reception venue: Indianapolis City Market | Day of coordination: Lilly Lane Flowers & Events | Bride’s dress: Simone Carvalli from Marie Gabriel Couture | Bride’s jewelry and accessories: family collection | Bride’s shoes: Seychelles | Bridesmaid dresses: Jim Helm from Marie Gabriel Couture | Menswear and accessories: Vera Wang from Men’s Wearhouse | Hair: Pilar Ferentz, California Shoppe; Sarah Carter, French Pharmacie | Makeup: Kayla Root, Kayla Root Salon; Kelly Moffitt, Trish McEvoy | Rings: Harrison Company | Florist: Lilly Lane Flowers & Events | Linens: A Classic Party Rental | Caterer: Brad Gates Catering | Sweets: Heavenly Sweets (cake) and Just Pop In (popcorn) | Ceremony musicians: Theresa Tremmel, harpist | Reception musicians: Toy Factory | Lighting: Atmospheres Indy | Paperie: Vera Wang from Crane/Papersource  | Photography: molly connor photographer (and a shout out to Megan Sullivan for being the best!).

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