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These are my people. And you should be jealous because they are as good as it gets. These girls… they keep getting more and more gorgeous. They truly overwhelm me. Yes, grown-ups, you also look good. And if Danny the Doodle isn’t a supermodel, I don’t know who is.

Oh, and thanks for waiting with me while I called a tow truck. And for dinner. And wine. And teaching me about bitmojis.

Cheers. I present: my people.

The girls: “Hey, we found these three giant glitter emojis… can we start there?” Me: “Um… what the cuss are you talking about?”

bruce--3Pin IT2015-11-28_0009Pin IT2015-11-28_0002Pin IT

Seriously… they take my breath away. These are two of the coolest girls I know.bruce-Pin IT2015-11-28_0010Pin IT2015-11-28_0008Pin IT2015-11-28_0005Pin IT2015-11-28_0011Pin IT2015-11-28_0003Pin IT2015-11-28_0015Pin IT2015-11-28_0004Pin IT2015-11-28_0017Pin IT2015-11-28_0006Pin IT2015-11-28_0016Pin IT2015-11-28_0007Pin IT2015-11-28_0013Pin IT2015-11-28_0012Pin IT

And, the selfie-stick shot:

2015-11-28_0014Pin IT

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