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There’s lovely, and then there’s Marissa and Miles lovely. This whole wedding is Marissa and Miles lovely—beautiful, intimate, full of love and ohmygod fun. I knew when we first sat down over a cocktail that this was going to be one amazing day, and it didn’t disappoint… despite it only taking 1,000 years to come to fruition! These two have been together for a long time, and every single person in attendance was ready to celebrate the two of them and their love. It was all just lovely… Marissa and Miles lovely.

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And, universe? Thank you. It rained exactly when we needed it to. But since we’d been hauling around umbrellas all day JUST IN CASE, we decided to do a few quick photos with one for good measure.

2016-09-26_0077Pin IT

Venue: The Columbia Club | Officiant: Les Koerselman, grandfather of the groom | Bride’s dress: Ellis from Nancy’s Bridal Boutique | Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bridesmaid dresses: Alfred Angelo | Menswear and accessories: Calvin Klein from Men’s Wearhouse | Hair: Carly Rush from Makefresh on Maple Salon and Spa | Makeup: Erica Foit, Makefresh on Maple Salon and Spa | Rings: His: Frederick Goldman, Reis Nichols + Hers: Gabriel & Co. at Distinctive Diamonds | Florals and decor: Jeni Banker | Cake: Heavenly Sweets | Entertainment: Dave Guarino, Platinum DJ Productions | Videographer: Northernlight Filmworks | Paperie: Interprintations | Photographer: MOLLY CONNOR PHOTOGRAPHY

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