mallory : part 1 | avon high school, 2017 | indianapolis portrait photographer

World, meet Mallory. I’ve literally watched her grow up before my eyes. She’s like family. I’ve been waiting to take these photos for YEARS, and this is just part one! I can’t even tell you how happy these images make me. Her accessory game is on point, her signature lipstick color is to die for and that smile is just as sweet as it gets. This girl is just the best… I can’t wait to watch her take over the world. Love you, girl.

2016-08-17_0001Pin IT2016-08-17_0013Pin IT2016-08-17_0003Pin IT2016-08-17_0002Pin IT2016-08-17_0016Pin IT2016-08-17_0012Pin IT2016-08-17_0020Pin IT2016-08-17_0007Pin IT2016-08-17_0005Pin IT2016-08-17_0021Pin IT2016-08-17_0023Pin IT2016-08-17_0004Pin IT2016-08-17_0024Pin IT2016-08-17_0026Pin IT2016-08-17_0019Pin IT2016-08-17_0010Pin IT2016-08-17_0028Pin IT2016-08-17_0025Pin IT2016-08-17_0006Pin IT2016-08-17_0014Pin IT2016-08-17_0017Pin IT2016-08-17_0022Pin IT2016-08-17_0018Pin IT2016-08-17_0009Pin IT2016-08-17_0015Pin IT2016-08-17_0011Pin IT2016-08-17_0027Pin IT2016-08-17_0008Pin IT

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