maggie + josh :: the wedding

“We just want to have a good time… and donuts.” And so began my meeting with Maggie and Josh.

This wedding filled my whole heart with love. There was something magical going on that I really can’t find the words for. Just love. And fun. Oh, and a whole bunch of gorgeousness. I feel truly blessed to call these two my friends. It has been so delightful being a part of this wedding… from our snowy engagement shoot, to Maggie waiving as she walked down the aisle to a little Harry Potter music, to pinky sworn vows, to a lot of darn donuts. It’s all been perfect.

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This may be the loveliest photo I’ve ever taken. I can’t get enough of these two.

2015-09-01_0033Pin IT2015-09-01_0034Pin IT2015-09-01_0035Pin IT2015-09-01_0036Pin IT2015-09-01_0037Pin IT2015-09-01_0038Pin IT2015-09-01_0039Pin IT2015-09-01_0040Pin IT2015-09-01_0041Pin IT2015-09-01_0042Pin IT2015-09-01_0043Pin IT2015-09-01_0044Pin IT2015-09-01_0045Pin IT2015-09-01_0046Pin IT2015-09-01_0047Pin IT2015-09-01_0048Pin IT2015-09-01_0049Pin IT2015-09-01_0050Pin IT2015-09-01_0051Pin IT2015-09-01_0052Pin IT2015-09-01_0053Pin IT2015-09-01_0054Pin IT2015-09-01_0055Pin IT2015-09-01_0056Pin IT2015-09-01_0057Pin IT2015-09-01_0058Pin IT2015-09-01_0059Pin IT2015-09-01_0060Pin IT2015-09-01_0061Pin IT2015-09-01_0062Pin IT2015-09-01_0063Pin IT2015-09-01_0064Pin IT

Give me an M! Give me an A! Give me a G! And another G! And and I! Then, give me an E! What’s that spell? MAGGIE!

2015-09-01_0066Pin IT

One of the things I often struggle with during receptions is making sure the bride and groom stay on the dance floor. Let’s just say this was NOT an issue at this party…

2015-09-01_0067Pin IT2015-09-01_0068Pin IT2015-09-01_0069Pin IT2015-09-01_0070Pin IT2015-09-01_0071Pin IT

A note to Maggie and Josh: you two fill me with hope. Thank you for reminding me what it’s really all about. Love you, M.

2015-09-01_0072Pin IT

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