lindsay and eddy | the engagement session

This may be one of my all-time favorite engagement shoots. Seriously. Two things I love… first, this gal knows exactly what she wants, but was totally willing to roll with the punches (i.e. when I asked her to stand in the middle of a busy intersection during crazy traffic). It’s the perfect mix. Second, just look at them. I mean, come on. They’re fantastic.

It’s been such a dream to work with Lindsay so far on her January wedding at The Conrad. She’s assembling an amazing team, and is going to have a fantastic wedding (including *fingers crossed* a get-away dress, a la Annie Banks in Father of the Bride).* It will be the perfect reflection of their ridiculous chemistry.

I had a fantastic time at this session, having the most peculiar conversation with a gentleman needing a ponytail, commandeering porch swings and practicing our dips. I cannot wait for your big day, and plan on having many wine and wing chats between now and then.

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*And by “get-away”, I mean a dress to ride up the elevator at the Conrad. Love it.

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