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2015-02-02_0033Pin IT

Ceremony venue: The Indianapolis Arts Garden | Reception venue: The Conrad | Bride’s dress: Hayley Paige, Marie Gabriel Couture | Bride’s party dress: Jenny Yoo, Bella Bridesmaids, Indianapolis | Brides’s shoes: Badgley Mischka | Bride’s jewelry: G. Thrapp and Dillards | Bridesmaid dresses: Jim Hjelm, Marie Gabriel Couture | Junior bridesmaid dress: Lazaro, Marie Gabriel Couture | Tuxedos: Vera Wang, Men’s Wearhouse | Rings: G. Thrapp | Hair: Taylor Buis and Rudy Thien, MDG | Makeup: Kate Shaw | Florals and decor: Detail + Design | Cake: Classic Cakes | Paperie: Pink Poppy Ink | Reception entertaiment: The Band, Etc. | BONUS reception entertainment: The Bill Grace Band | Videography: Rewind Documentaries | Photography: molly connor photography

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