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When I first met Lilly, it was over a bagel at Einstein. I knew immediately that she was going to have the perfect wedding. Her fiancé and her father sat at the table with us… and the only thing they wanted was to make Lilly happy. Well, that and to get back to Ft. Wayne in time for the Colts game.

(Sidenote: Lilly’s dad is THE BEST. Period.)

And perfect it was. Lilly and Brian had a beautiful ceremony and reception at the Conrad. From the unreal Gallery Suite and perfect lobby setting to the beautiful bridal bouquet made of calla lilies to the party that lasted well into the night… everything was just right. It was a privilege to be a part of it. I love these images… and I am excited to share them.

Mazel tov, friends… and thank you to the bridal party for braving the cold. I owe you one.

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2014-12-04_0027Pin IT 2014-12-04_0041Pin IT 2014-12-04_0028Pin ITGo ahead and file this last photo under: Things that happen at my job that probably don’t happen at yours.

2014-12-04_0040Pin IT

Ceremony and reception venue: The Conrad Indianapolis | Bride’s dress: Marie Gabriel Couture | Bride’s shoes: Jimmy Choo | Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse | Hair and makeup: Evan Todd Spa and Salon | Rings: Distinctive Diamonds | Florist: JP Parker Flowers | Reception entertainment: Lakeside Entertainment | Photographer: molly connor photography

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