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What’s better than a fall wedding on the campus of Indiana University? Um, pretty much nothing… it rained (and then rained some more), but everything was just lovely. Lauren and Ryan traveled from Chicago to Bloomington for this day, and the support of their families and friends was so fun to see and be a part of. Two things I love: rainy days and stops at bars (the two often correlate). But let’s start at the beginning. These details: the invites, the rings, THE SHOES?!?!?!

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A quick trolley ride to the church

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And then off to play in the rain! You’ll notice the How I Met Your Mother reference here, delivered to the groom from his best man.

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Question: How do you get a group this big to pose in the down pouring rain?

2015-10-26_0005Pin IT

Answer: Tell them they can all head to Nick’s once I get the shot!

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A few quick stops around campus and then it was off to the party in President’s Hall for a wonderful night of dinner and dancing!

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Congratulations, Lauren and Ryan. Here’s to Happily Ever After!

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