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Well, here’s to true love. Here’s to bumps and bruises. And misteps. And having broken person pickers. Here’s to lessons learned. And can I get a shout out for hope? But, mostly here’s to falling forward into the exact right place at the precise time and finding your person. Here’s to the universe knowing what’s up. And here’s to Kylie and Muhammad (and their children, Jibrael and Aqeelah).

They had a plan. It was a perfect plan. It was a spreadsheet and checklist and binder kind of plan. I saw it. It had a lot of pages. And heavens knows that I love a plan. But, REALLY… where’s the adventure in that? If you know these two, you know there had to be an adventure in the mix somewhere. So, it rained. And it rained HARD. So much for that plan… because it was one of those kinds of rains where you thought, “well, it actually may never stop raining.” So, we formulated a new plan. The new plan involved a tent, some brave guests, a quaint room with a fireplace, a photographer on a chair with an umbrella and some requisite panic. After an exhale and a request to the universe to do us all a solid, we rocked it. And then the we got rewarded with the loveliest of light, and we played some more. They laughed. And danced. I mean, there were donuts, and a breakfast buffet, and dancing and yard games. And in all of it? Serenity. And more donuts. Cheers to that, too.

2016-09-22_0003Pin IT

Oh wait, did I mention the Chuck Taylors? There were a lot of Chuck Taylors.

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The first look… I LOVE FIRST LOOKS.

2016-09-22_0021Pin IT2016-09-22_0022Pin IT2016-09-22_0034Pin IT2016-09-22_0031Pin IT2016-09-22_0033Pin IT2016-09-22_0032Pin IT2016-09-22_0024Pin IT2016-09-22_0023Pin IT2016-09-22_0042Pin IT2016-09-22_0041Pin IT2016-09-22_0040Pin IT2016-09-22_0039Pin IT 2016-09-22_0009Pin IT2016-09-22_0025Pin IT2016-09-22_0027Pin IT2016-09-22_0026Pin IT2016-09-22_0028Pin IT

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And then… a sopping wet, lovely-as-hell, under-the-tent love fest happened during their ceremony…

2016-09-22_0058Pin IT2016-09-22_0059Pin IT2016-09-22_0061Pin IT2016-09-22_0070Pin IT2016-09-22_0063Pin IT2016-09-22_0062Pin IT2016-09-22_0064Pin IT2016-09-22_0065Pin IT2016-09-22_0066Pin IT2016-09-22_0071Pin IT2016-09-22_0069Pin IT2016-09-22_0067Pin IT

I can’t even begin to do it justice, so I’m just going to read what the officiant read during the next part to explain these images:

“The following ceremony is something unique that the couple feels is appropriate for today. It has been said that this was once an Indonesian wedding tradition. The couple will be handed a ceremonial umbrella and then the children will be asked to pour a symbolic mixture over their heads to represent the couple’s ability to weather all of life’s possible storms together. The mixture in each pitcher contains turmeric rice to symbolize prosperity and everlasting love, coins to remind them to always share their wealth with the less fortunate, candy to remind them to remain sweet to one another throughout the marriages and Legos to remind them that, even when life feels like you just stepped on a Lego in your living room, the hard times will pass. We offer this ritual as proof that Kylie and Muhammad have fully agreed to weather all of life’s storms together.”

2016-09-22_0073Pin IT2016-09-22_0072Pin IT

The best part? The umbrella (not deliberately) had holes in it. Beautiful perfection.


2016-09-22_0068Pin IT2016-09-22_0074Pin IT2016-09-22_0076Pin IT2016-09-22_0075Pin IT2016-09-22_0060Pin IT2016-09-22_0053Pin IT2016-09-22_0043Pin IT2016-09-22_0045Pin IT2016-09-22_0054Pin IT2016-09-22_0048Pin IT2016-09-22_0044Pin IT2016-09-22_0049Pin IT2016-09-22_0047Pin IT2016-09-22_0088Pin IT2016-09-22_0050Pin IT2016-09-22_0052Pin IT2016-09-22_0046Pin IT2016-09-22_0051Pin IT2016-09-22_0086Pin IT2016-09-22_0080Pin IT2016-09-22_0081Pin IT2016-09-22_0082Pin IT2016-09-22_0084Pin IT2016-09-22_0085Pin IT2016-09-22_0087Pin IT

And the party? Well, it was just perfect.

2016-09-22_0089Pin IT2016-09-22_0090Pin IT2016-09-22_0091Pin IT2016-09-22_0092Pin IT2016-09-22_0093Pin IT2016-09-22_0094Pin IT

BUSTED: DONUT THIEF. (Let’s talk about how this is both the absolutely incorrect way to spell donut… and the only acceptable way to spell it. It’s so confusing.)2016-09-22_0096Pin IT

2016-09-22_0097Pin IT2016-09-22_0098Pin IT2016-09-22_0099Pin IT2016-09-22_0100Pin IT2016-09-22_0101Pin IT2016-09-22_0102Pin IT2016-09-22_0103Pin IT2016-09-22_0104Pin IT2016-09-22_0106Pin IT2016-09-22_0107Pin IT2016-09-22_0105Pin IT2016-09-22_0108Pin IT

OH BUT WAIT. There’s more… When Muhammad proposed to Kylie, there were some Lego dudes involved. Don’t think they didn’t have their own little party on the big day.

2016-07-14_0002Pin IT2016-07-14_0003Pin IT2016-07-14_0004Pin IT2016-07-14_0005Pin IT2016-07-14_0001Pin IT2016-07-14_0007Pin IT2016-07-14_0008Pin IT2016-07-14_0006Pin IT

Thanks to my ace, Ben Poenisch, for being a rad assistant, holding umbrellas in a monsoon, and for being the official Lego photographer of the day.


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