kile + jerod (+ lewie) | indianapolis wedding photographer

Kile and Jerod… what can I say? Their adorableness makes me happy. Like, they’re just freaking cute. And their wedding next fall will be perfection. I have no doubt. Lewie, their trusty dog and BFF, joined us for photos on a chilly Saturday morning and rocked it out. xoxo, guys.

2014-10-27_0020Pin IT 2014-10-27_0005Pin IT 2014-10-27_0006Pin IT 2014-10-27_0007Pin IT 2014-10-27_0008Pin IT 2014-10-27_0009Pin IT 2014-10-27_0010Pin IT 2014-10-27_0013Pin IT 2014-10-27_0011Pin IT2014-10-27_0012Pin IT 2014-10-27_0014Pin IT 2014-10-27_0016Pin IT 2014-10-27_0015Pin IT 2014-10-27_0017Pin IT 2014-10-27_0018Pin IT 2014-10-27_0019Pin IT 2014-10-27_0021Pin ITSometimes, when I’m feeling particularly short, I just hold the camera up, point it down and hope for the best. It never works. I’m 5’3″ and my aim sucks. Anyway, it TOTALLY WORKED with these two. Rawwwwwrrrrrr.

2014-10-27_0001Pin IT

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