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There are few greater terrifying things honors in my business than when a fellow industry colleague asks you to photograph their wedding. But once I sat down with Kile and Jerod together, I knew just how perfect this day would be. And, man… did they deliver. First of all, THIS DRESS? Whoa. Second of all… they gave me THREE HOURS to do photos. Four stops later (including a bar), we landed at their amazing venue for one of the most heartfelt ceremonies and throw downs I have ever been a part of. It was truly my pleasure to capture every moment of this epic day.

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This is one of my favorite moments of the day… it’s as if Lewie, their sweet boy, is yelling, “DO NOT START THE FIRST LOOK WITHOUT MEEEEEE!”

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Did I mention that these two met when Kile was 16?!? They were best friends forever… until they weren’t. And let me tell you, the world is a happier place with these two together. I love it. First stop: Lockerbie.

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A quick stop at the War Memorial, where it was a smidgy more windy… in other words, they posed FAST. Love them.

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When it’s too windy to keep taking photos, the OBVIOUS move is a stop at one of Kile and Jerod’s favorite bars, Ralston’s.

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Last stop… Arch at Chatham for a few quick pics before the ceremony started.

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Also, they do this weird thing when they all make a face on command. Classic. I also think that the stop at Ralston’s helped this situation along.

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Then onto the show…

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I heart you two like crazy. After all, it’s not just anyone whose dog I would go let out for a walk after I left their reception… xoxo. May every day of your marriage be as lovely as the first.

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Ceremony and reception venue: Arch at Chatham | Officiant: Dennie Mitchel | Wedding planner: the bride | Bride’s gown: Aidan Mattox from Bella Bridesmaid | Bridesmaid dresses: Lulu’s | Menswear: Louie’s Tux Shop | Hair and makeup: Karen Hall and Co. | Rings: Shane Co. | Florals and decor: Wild Heart Blooms | Paperie: Carlson Crafts | Caterer and sweets: The Food Guys | Ceremony music, reception music and custom lighting: AMS Entertainment | Transportation: Blue Bus Limo Charters | First dance: Fade Into You, Mazzy Star


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