kellie + josh :: the wedding

Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine. So. Much. Love. It was truly a blessing to be a part of this wedding from the get-go, and I couldn’t love the Coval and Valentine families more. You guys throw one heck of a party. From every perfect detail to an amazing group of friends to generations of families adoring one another, Kellie and Josh’s day couldn’t have been more fantastic.

A first look at a gorgeous church? Check. A fabulous bridal party who was totally down to celebrate and love on the bride and groom? Check. Two families who couldn’t have enjoyed themselves more? Check. An amazing venue? Check. And PLENTY. OF. TIME. to get such fun photos. These two are great. Enjoy their day…

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ALL OF THE LOVE in the world to these two. xoxo.

2015-08-19_0053Pin IT

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