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Katie and Nick. I love these two. Like in the kind of a way that, if we were in junior high, I’d write them a note asking if they like me back, fold it up and drop it in the slits in their locker. It’s serious like that… it’s a major crush.

They’re just cute. They are in love. If I ever meet a boy to live happily ever after with, I have no doubt that it will be because he looks at me the way Nick looks at Katie. THAT is how a boy is supposed to look at his gal. It makes me happy.

Their families. The (GINORMOUS) tent in the side yard at the family home. The details (ohmygawd, the details!!!!!). The centerpieces. The sermon. The near death experience in the trolley (um, twice). The ice cream bar. Did I mention the families? And anytime I get to work with Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination, I just get all warm and fuzzy inside.

What’s not to love? (Get comfy.)

2014-10-28_0034Pin IT 2014-10-28_0035Pin IT 2014-10-28_0036Pin IT 2014-10-28_0037Pin IT 2014-10-28_0038Pin IT 2014-10-28_0039Pin IT 2014-10-28_0040Pin IT 2014-10-28_0041Pin IT 2014-10-28_0042Pin IT 2014-10-28_0057Pin IT2014-10-28_0102Pin IT 2014-10-28_0103Pin IT 2014-10-28_0104Pin IT 2014-10-28_0105Pin IT 2014-10-28_0106Pin IT 2014-10-28_0043Pin IT 2014-10-28_0044Pin IT 2014-10-28_0045Pin IT 2014-10-28_0046Pin IT 2014-10-28_0047Pin ITWe were tight on time. They ran. I love them.
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Maggie, Katie’s sister, gave a toast and then challenged Nick to a beer chug mid-dance floor.
2014-10-28_0079Pin IT 2014-10-28_0080Pin IT 2014-10-28_0081Pin IT
She won. And the entire reception chanted her name. Yep. True story.
2014-10-28_0083Pin IT 2014-10-28_0083Pin IT 2014-10-28_0073Pin IT 2014-10-28_0082Pin IT 2014-10-28_0084Pin IT 2014-10-28_0085Pin IT 2014-10-28_0086Pin IT 2014-10-28_0089Pin ITGet iced while getting the garter? Take it like a man. Duh.

2014-10-28_0090Pin IT 2014-10-28_0091Pin IT 2014-10-28_0092Pin IT 2014-10-28_0093Pin IT 2014-10-28_0094Pin ITRock star toddler? Check. Dancing on chairs? Check.

2014-10-28_0087Pin ITFamily sing along on stage with the band? Check.

2014-10-28_0099Pin ITThey had a lot of booze. A lot. And when they ran out, they pulled this little collection from the basement of the house. I love this family.

2014-10-28_0088Pin ITAnd this dance floor? I can’t even tell you how many times I couldn’t even find the bride and groom because they were buried so far in the crowd. I named Nick the Mayor of the Dance Floor. It was rad.

2014-10-28_0095Pin IT 2014-10-28_0096Pin IT 2014-10-28_0097Pin IT 2014-10-28_0098Pin ITLike I said at our meeting a few days before, “This party is going to have a lot of party.” Obviously.

I love you guys. xoxo.

2014-10-28_0100Pin ITVendor list coming soon.

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