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When their original photographer moved to Washington, DC (miss you, Amanda!) and I got the opportunity to meet with Kara, I was all in. First of all, her name is WAS a sentence. If you know me, you know how much I love sentence names. Secondly, the wedding that she described to me sounded nothing short of perfection. I was THRILLED to be a part of it.

And, as you will see, it didn’t disappoint. They literally had the perfect wedding. Everything was just as they’d wished for. At one point during dinner, I turned to Micah (my ace second shooter) and said, “there is more love for Kara and Jordan in this tent than I can even put into words.” And it was true. These two are loved.

Let’s talk about this dress. When Kara showed me this dress, things went a little crazy in my head. I’m obsessed with this dress. First of all: blush. Second of all: insanely gorgeous. And Kara knows the way to my creative and stylish heart, because she texted me a photo of her Louboutin bag as she was leaving the store.

2015-06-02_0001Pin IT2015-06-02_0002Pin ITI wasn’t with the guys, so I can’t say for sure how this image came to be, but I laughed out loud when I saw it… and I love it:

2015-06-02_0003Pin IT 2015-06-02_0004Pin IT 2015-06-02_0005Pin IT 2015-06-02_0006Pin IT 2015-06-02_0007Pin IT 2015-06-02_0008Pin IT 2015-06-02_0009Pin IT 2015-06-02_0010Pin IT 2015-06-02_0011Pin IT 2015-06-02_0012Pin IT 2015-06-02_0015Pin ITOkay, see those flowers? Just wait.

And, as first looks go, this one has to be one of my all-time favorites. Seriously, they’re THAT adorable.

2015-06-02_0013Pin IT 2015-06-02_0014Pin IT2015-06-02_0016Pin IT 2015-06-02_0017Pin IT 2015-06-02_0018Pin IT 2015-06-02_0019Pin IT 2015-06-02_0020Pin IT 2015-06-02_0021Pin IT2015-06-02_0022Pin IT 2015-06-02_0023Pin IT 2015-06-02_0024Pin IT 2015-06-02_0025Pin IT 2015-06-02_0026Pin IT 2015-06-02_0027Pin IT 2015-06-02_0028Pin IT 2015-06-02_0029Pin IT 2015-06-02_0030Pin IT 2015-06-02_0031Pin ITHello, Grandma Sally:

2015-06-02_0032Pin IT 2015-06-02_0033Pin IT 2015-06-02_0034Pin IT 2015-06-02_0035Pin IT 2015-06-02_0036Pin IT 2015-06-02_0037Pin IT 2015-06-02_0039Pin IT 2015-06-02_0040Pin IT 2015-06-02_0041Pin ITWho needs a mirror? That’s what your friends are for, right?

2015-06-02_0042Pin IT 2015-06-02_0043Pin IT 2015-06-02_0044Pin IT 2015-06-02_0045Pin IT 2015-06-02_0046Pin IT 2015-06-02_0047Pin IT 2015-06-02_0048Pin IT 2015-06-02_0049Pin IT 2015-06-02_0050Pin IT 2015-06-02_0051Pin IT 2015-06-02_0052Pin IT 2015-06-02_0053Pin IT 2015-06-02_0054Pin IT 2015-06-02_0055Pin IT 2015-06-02_0056Pin IT 2015-06-02_0057Pin ITAnd, onto the reception… OMG, the flowers.

2015-06-02_0058Pin IT 2015-06-02_0059Pin IT 2015-06-02_0060Pin IT 2015-06-02_0061Pin ITOh, and these GORGEOUS ceramic centerpiece beauties? Kara’s brother, Aaron Swank, MADE THEM. All of them. And there were a lot. All perfect.

2015-06-02_0062Pin IT 2015-06-02_0063Pin IT 2015-06-02_0064Pin IT 2015-06-02_0065Pin IT 2015-06-02_0066Pin IT 2015-06-02_0067Pin IT 2015-06-02_0068Pin IT 2015-06-02_0070Pin IT 2015-06-02_0069Pin ITIn the last month, Kara and Jordan have graduated from medical school, had a wedding, traveled to Mexico, packed up their house… and today, they leave for Phoenix to start their residencies (but more importantly, to give me a reason to visit Phoenix). While I’m sad that our Indy time was so short-lived, I have no doubt that these two have become my friends. Onto your next adventure…

2015-06-02_0038Pin IT

Venue: Indianapolis Art Center | Bride’s gown: BHLDN | Bride’s shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bridesmaid dresses: from their own collections | Hair: Bryce Anderson from Parlour Salon | Makeup: Abby Gehring | Groom’s suit: Indochino | Groomsman suits: from their own collections | Caterer: MBP Distinctive Catering | Florals and décor: Meg Catherine Flowers | Cake: The New Old-Standard Baking Company | Entertainment: Track Seven DJ, Justin Watson | Paperie: Paper Source and the couple | Tent and rentals: A Classic Party Rental | Succulent favors: The Succulent Source
Photography: molly connor photography

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