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A few things that I’ve learned about Kaelin and James, by Molly Connor

First of all, on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, Kaelin scheduled a meeting for the three of us to sit down at Panera to talk about their wedding and to look at sample albums, etc. That meeting was to take place on Sunday, March 17, 2013. She told me she would be wearing red pants. Five days from the time she requested the meeting. I learned that she’s prepared, on the ball and knows what she wants.

On Sunday, June 30, 2013, we met downtown to do engagement photos. Their first outfit option was a floor length purple sequins dress and a tuxedo. I learned that they could score high on the fancy scale.

A few months later, Kaelin sent me photos of the new closet that James built for her in the house that he was living in, but she had yet to occupy. When she sent me the photos, it wasn’t just a closet. Her closest had a closet. He had converted an entire bedroom into a closet with a dressing area and vanity. I learned that he would do anything for her.

Finally, on Friday, May 2, 2014, the three of us met for milkshakes and Chick-fil-A at their house. That day, I learned (well, confirmed really) that we were all going to be friends for a very long time.

One of the true joys of my job is to see a couple with a VERY specific look in mind bring it to fruition. They assembled of team of some of the most amazing vendors in town and that is exactly what everyone set about doing. It was really a magical day.

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P.S. I’ll come drink milkshakes in my pajamas and come binge watch TV with you two any time.

Get ready and reception venue: The Conrad, Indianapolis | Church: St. Luke’s United Methodist Church | Officiants: Reverend Doctor Kent Millard and Father Peter Gallagher | Hair: Evan Todd Salon & Spa, Conrad | Make-up: Faces by KLM | Bride’s dress: Pronovias from Blue House Bridal | Bride’s belt and earrings: Blue House Bridal | Bride’s shoes: Enzo Angiolini and Toms | Bride’s headpieces: Handy Mandy Store on Etsy (ceremony) and Blue Sky Horizons on Etsy (reception) | Garter: Bella Fleur Bridal on Etsy | Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal, Nancy’s Bridal and Bridal SuperstoreBridesmaid bracelets: Lily Wang | Maid of honor and Matron of honor necklaces: Opaque Lion | Groom and groomsmen tuxedos and ties: Vera Wang from Men’s Wearhouse | Rings: Reis Nichols | Wedding invitation suite: Pink Poppy Ink | Flowers: Lilly Lane Flowers and Events | Cake: Designed by Jane Sullivan, mother of the bride | Linens: LGI Linens | Transportation: Advanced Limousines | Rolls Royce rental: Antique Limousine of Indianapolis | DJ: Tim Glesing for Circle City Sound

Videographer: Ben Poenisch, Rewind Documentaries.

Special thanks to my second shooter, Rebecca Bridges… I couldn’t be in two places without her. And, she’s amazing.



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