julie and bill | indianapolis wedding photographer {batesville}

Julie and Bill… what can I say? These two are as good as it gets. I simply adore them. So sweet, so in love, so ready to be married. Their families and the entire town of Batesville (at least 1 zillion people) gathered together this fall to watch them begin their lives together and celebrate with one heck of a party.

There are just some couples that you feel blessed to be able to work with. I am grateful for these two. They make me believe in all of the good things that are out in the world.

Cheers to the both of you… and let’s get a drink next time one of us is passing through the other’s home town. Deal? xoxo.

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2014-10-16_0022Pin IT 2014-10-16_0023Pin ITCeremony venue: St. Louis Catholic Church, Batesville, Indiana | Officiants: Father Damian Cesanek and Deacon Ron Freyer | Reception venue: Walhill Farm, Batesville, Indiana | Bride’s dress: David’s Bridal | Bride’s pearl necklace: vintage, from her grandmother | Bride’s bracelet: Kate Spade | Bride’s shoes: Nine West | Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal | Men’s attire: Lisa’s Sew & Tux | Hair: Kayla Hountz and Head to Toe Hair Salon | Florist: Silk Scapes | Caterer: Mike Moeller Catering | Sweets: Victoria Lynn Designs | Reception band: Nothin’ Fancy | Transporation: Hay ride (amazing) | First dance: Feet Don’t Touch the Ground, Stony Larue | Photography: molly connor photography

Thank you to Micah Bell for being the most amazing second shooter and road trip companion.

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