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Grab a glass of wine and get comfy, friends. I had a REALLY hard time choosing images (there are roughly four zillion).  Some weddings are just extra special and this was one of them. First of all, I LOVE these two. I just love them. I am certain that the universe brought them into my life because they bring me a whole lot of joy… as a photographer and as a human. They are as good as it gets. They balance each other perfectly, bring each other such calm and are truly having the time of their lives… always. That energy, coupled with THE MOST IMPECCABLE taste, translated into a perfect wedding. Every detail. Every person. Every moment. It was all just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier day with these two, their families and their friends. You’ll see… perfection.

I cried seven times. We’ll get to those in a second. But first…

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These cufflinks? No. Joke. They all had them. Groomsman gift victory.

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The first time I cried: when Peter saw Jordan.

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First stop: the War Memorial. These two? Ahhh. That dress? That tux? I can’t even. And these gold dresses?  What did I tell you? Perfection. We had so much time for photos… and I could have kept going for hours!

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The second time I cried: when we had the perfect place to do portraits. There was a tree house and a river. It was amazing. Thank you to Jordan’s aunt and uncle for letting us use their beautiful home as a backdrop.

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The third time I cried: when my beautiful friend Megan said a prayer before Jordan walked down the aisle. Megan is how I know Jordan and Peter… and for her, I’m super grateful.

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The fourth time I cried: when Peter saw Jordan walking down the aisle. (Note: a first look does NOT take away from the awesomeness of this moment. I swear.)

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When your parents own THE premiere ice cream shop in Kokomo (SHOUT OUT: Cone Palace!)… your rose petals come in ice cream cones. Obviously.

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When we got to Woodstock, the lighting was epic. What’s a photographer to do, but order up another round of portraits?

2016-08-03_0073Pin IT2016-08-03_0075Pin IT2016-08-03_0079Pin IT2016-08-03_0078Pin IT2016-08-03_0070Pin IT2016-08-03_0071Pin IT2016-08-03_0072Pin IT2016-08-03_0080Pin IT2016-08-03_0074Pin IT2016-08-03_0081Pin IT2016-08-03_0077Pin IT2016-08-03_0076Pin IT2016-08-03_0082Pin IT

The fifth time I cried: when we got to the reception and Jordan’s mom surprised her with the *one* thing Jordan regretted not doing. These napkins! It’s the little things, people. And this moment with Peter and his girls that followed? Just stop.

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I love this… Peter photographing Jordan’s new name! (I maybe got teary-eyed right then.)

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The sixth time I cried: the toasts. All of them.

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And the dance floor? Epic. Just you wait.

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And, then… Jordan dancing with her dad. She was crying, too. So. Much. Love. My little only-child heart melted.

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CHECK BACK TOMORROW FOR: cocktail hour candids, tons of Peter’s sick dance moves, and the AMAZING VENDOR LIST.

Until then… cheers!

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