jenny and chris | the wedding

Jenny and I should have crossed paths many years ago. We were at Cathedral at the same time. We were at Xavier together. We have a zillion mutual friends… but those paths never did cross until it was time for her to get married. Our mutual friend, Meg, sent her my way (thank you, Meg) with a follow-up from the lovely Kathleen who owns Bella Bridesmaids… and we were off and running.

Jenny and Chris live in Tampa, so truth be told we never actual did meet… until her wedding day. I met with her mom, Jane, and there were many, many emails. The beautiful thing is that when I walked into her cousin Emily’s house the morning of her wedding, it was like we had known each other all along. I love when that happens.

These two had a lovely wedding on a perfect (albiet HOT) day in Indianapolis. They were surrounded by their family, their friends, and a whole lot of fun (and it sounds like things got really out of hand when the photographers left… lucky guests!). Cheers, friends.

2014-08-18_0025Pin IT 2014-08-18_0009Pin IT 2014-08-18_0008Pin IT2014-08-18_0004Pin IT2014-08-18_0005Pin IT 2014-08-18_0006Pin IT 2014-08-18_0007Pin IT 2014-08-18_0010Pin IT 2014-08-18_0011Pin IT 2014-08-18_0013Pin IT 2014-08-18_0014Pin IT 2014-08-18_0015Pin IT 2014-08-18_0016Pin IT 2014-08-18_0019Pin IT 2014-08-18_0020Pin IT 2014-08-18_0021Pin IT2014-08-18_0003Pin IT 2014-08-18_0012Pin IT 2014-08-18_0029Pin IT2014-08-18_0024Pin IT 2014-08-18_0023Pin IT 2014-08-18_0018Pin IT2014-08-18_0027Pin IT 2014-08-18_0028Pin IT 2014-08-18_0030Pin IT2014-08-18_0019Pin IT 2014-08-18_0026Pin IT 2014-08-18_0022Pin IT 2014-08-18_0017Pin IT2014-08-18_0033Pin IT 2014-08-18_0035Pin IT 2014-08-18_0036Pin IT2014-08-18_0031Pin IT 2014-08-18_0032Pin IT 2014-08-18_0034Pin ITCeremony and reception venue: The Montage | Bride‚Äôs dress: Casablanca from Nancy’s Bridal | Bridesmaid dresses: LulaKate from Bella Bridesmaids | Tuxedos: Men’s Wearhouse | Hair and makeup: La Dolce Salon & Spa | Florist: Jamie Burroughs, Petaltopia | Caterer: Kahn’s | DJ: Event One DJs | Signs and wine box: | Photography: molly connor photography

Special thanks to Caitlin Sullivan for being the loveliest of second shooters!

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