isabelle | chicago mini-session

Isabelle’s mom, Annie, is one of my dear friends by association. I love Emily (one of my besties). Emily’s bestie is Annie. So, by some transient property that I was most certainly taught at some point in high school, I love Annie. Or something like that.

So, when Annie asked me to do family photos when I was in Chicago, I squealed at the email. I’ve been watching Isabelle grow up from afar, and I was super excited to get to spend some time with her at Cantigny, one of my favorite Chicago spots.

I think Annie, Tony and Isabelle often… and know that this little family is a slice of perfection. Cheers, friends.

2014-06-27_0003Pin IT 2014-06-27_0008Pin IT2014-06-27_0004Pin IT 2014-06-27_0005Pin IT 2014-06-27_0006Pin IT 2014-06-27_0007Pin IT 2014-06-27_0009Pin IT 2014-06-27_0010Pin IT 2014-06-27_0011Pin IT 2014-06-27_0012Pin IT 2014-06-27_0013Pin IT 2014-06-27_0014Pin IT 2014-06-27_0017Pin ITAnd a little splash park action for all of Isabelle’s hard work.

2014-06-27_0015Pin IT 2014-06-27_0016Pin IT

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