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A few months ago, I moved my office back to my house. It made sense financially in terms of operating costs… and I wanted spend more time at home with Lucy Jane. I’m working on being more awesome at a lot of different things, and everything I read tells me that I will, in fact, be more awesome if my office is organized and everything has its place. While it was clean, I snapped a few pics.

2014-03-22_0001Pin IT 2014-03-22_0002Pin IT 2014-03-22_0003Pin IT2014-03-22_0008Pin IT2014-03-22_0004Pin IT 2014-03-22_0005Pin IT 2014-03-22_0006Pin IT 2014-03-22_0007Pin ITAnd, I saved the most important for last. This cabinet includes office supplies, packaging materials, confetti, one party hat, flasks and a bottle of vodka. Obviously.

2014-03-22_0009Pin IT

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