happy birthday, dear momma

Dear Susan:

I had an idea. I thought I would ask some of your friends for a few reasons why they loved you.

I was hoping *fingers crossed* to get 65. I didn’t get 65. I got more than 80.

Here’s to you. You are loved.


2014-06-03_0001Pin IT 2014-06-03_0002Pin IT 2014-06-03_0003Pin IT 2014-06-03_0004Pin IT 2014-06-03_0005Pin IT 2014-06-03_0006Pin IT 2014-06-03_0007Pin IT 2014-06-03_0008Pin IT 2014-06-03_0009Pin IT 2014-06-04_0001Pin IT 2014-06-03_0011Pin IT 2014-06-03_0012Pin IT 2014-06-03_0013Pin IT 2014-06-03_0014Pin IT 2014-06-03_0015Pin IT 2014-06-03_0016Pin IT 2014-06-03_0017Pin IT 2014-06-03_0018Pin IT 2014-06-03_0019Pin IT 2014-06-03_0020Pin IT 2014-06-03_0021Pin IT 2014-06-03_0022Pin IT 2014-06-03_0023Pin IT 2014-06-03_0024Pin IT 2014-06-03_0025Pin IT 2014-06-03_0026Pin IT 2014-06-03_0027Pin IT 2014-06-03_0028Pin IT 2014-06-03_0029Pin IT 2014-06-03_0030Pin IT 2014-06-03_0031Pin IT2014-06-03_0042Pin IT2014-06-03_0033Pin IT

And a few more for good measure…

2014-06-03_0034Pin IT 2014-06-03_0035Pin IT 2014-06-04_0002Pin IT 2014-06-03_0039Pin IT2014-06-03_0037Pin IT 2014-06-03_0040Pin IT2014-06-03_0038Pin IT 2014-06-03_0041Pin IT


And honestly, I’m sorry to every other kid out there. I just made you look REAL bad. Bam.



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