the “everyday life” photography contest

What the heck are you talking about?

I read an article today. You can read it here. It talks about how there’s a trend to focus on how important it is to really document your family outside of iPhone photos (which, don’t get me wrong… I love).

Here’s the most important paragraph: The Rhodes are part of a trend of folks hiring professional photographers to document not just big events like weddings and bar mitzvahs, but everyday activities. Sometimes they want a milestone recorded – a child’s birthday party or family get-together. But often they’re hiring pros to photograph things they might otherwise have shot with their own cellphones or point-and-shoot cameras: a weekend outing, a vacation, or a portrait of a beloved pet.”

Now you’re caught up. Let’s move on.

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What do I win?

You win up to 18 hours of photography with me over the course of the year. Obviously, that in itself is awesome enough. But, I will bring my camera, too. Ha! Once a month, for up to 90 minutes, I will document your family doing everyday-ish things. Later that week, you will receive up to 20 images in high-resolution in both regular size and social media (read: square) format to share. I’ll come up with some type of cool hashtag based on the winner. We’ll share it together. It will be awesome.

And, you’ll get an album at the end. A year in the life type of thing.

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How do I win?

You send me an email. Don’t post it on the Facebook because I want the winner to be chosen without names by the panel I mention below. You can text me, too… but I’d really prefer you email. As you might imagine, my text inbox is a little out of control.

Use the subject line “every day contest: YOUR NAME” and send it to

You tell me why YOUR FAMILY should be chosen. Be creative. Be honest. Brag. Be real. Send a photo. Beg. Plead. Whatever. And, hurry up. The deadline is June 29 at 11:59 pm. A panel of awesome people (TBD, but probably Susan, other Molly plus one more) will mull it over and decide. Like I said, no names will be attached. I don’t want to pick favorites, so they will decide. Fair, right? The winner will be announced on Monday, June 30.

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What on earth will we do?

I don’t know. We’ll get creative. A trip to the zoo, a day making cookies, an epic snowball fight, an afternoon at the park or the pool, their school lunch hour, a bowling excursion, a trip to the pumpkin patch, a doctor visit, a birthday party, a backyard picnic, a school program… whatever. I’m down. Doesn’t have to be a big production. Or, it could be huge.

What if I want more than 90 minutes?

You’d better hope I’m having the time of my life and get lost in time. It’s a strong possibility. Otherwise, you’ll have to pony up. For the winner, only $100/hour.

What if I want you to come on family vacation?

Pending my schedule, I’m in. All you need to do is cover my expenses for a day trip. We’ll chat. Might be awesome.

When can we start?

We can start as early as July 1.

How much is this thing worth?

This 90-minute per month version? Roughly $2,400. Whoa.

What do I get if I share this with my friends?

A hug.

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What’s the fine print?

A few things:

Each session is pending my schedule. You will get priority scheduling just after brides and grooms. Obviously, the better and earlier we can plan, the easier this will be. I will be as flexible as I can. If you skip a month, that’s your fault and we’re onto the next one. Sorry. Holidays are NOT out of the question. I don’t travel for them, so I’m here. Yay. You have to pay for my expenses if we go somewhere that charges parking or admission.  Studio time can be used two times in the 12 month period. After that, it’s on you. You also have to share any cookies that you make with me.

Oh, and you have to let me blog about it in order to showcase the awesomeness and tell your story. Additionally, it will help me pimp this package out to others.

And, you have to live within one hour of Indy. Sorry, Misty Stiers.

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Which brings us to the final question… what if I don’t win?

Well, that definitely sucks. But… you will get an awesome email from me after the winner is chosen with an amazing discount should you choose to purchase one of these packages for yourself. So, in the end, everyone wins.

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