erin, austin and chase | indianapolis portrait photographer

What’s cooler than a photo shoot with a mom, a dachshund and two awesome teenage boys? Not much, really. I love this shoot. Here’s a little taste…

2014-11-24_0039Pin IT 2014-11-24_0016Pin IT 2014-11-24_0038Pin IT 2014-11-24_0041Pin IT 2014-11-24_0042Pin IT 2014-11-24_0046Pin IT 2014-11-24_0045Pin IT 2014-11-24_0047Pin IT 2014-11-24_0048Pin IT 2014-11-24_0053Pin IT 2014-11-24_0058Pin IT 2014-11-24_0054Pin IT 2014-11-24_0056Pin IT

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