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Photographer’s note: I apologize that there are 39,492,032 images in this post. I literally couldn’t stop selecting. Sorry, not sorry. Omg.

Sometimes, you just know. Sometimes, the universe just takes care of itself. Sometimes, a wedding is just pure perfection. And when I get to be a part of it, my heart can hardly stand it. I had two gears during this wedding: hysterically laughing and silently sobbing.  Every single part of this day was lovely. I already miss it.

These two are awesome. They belong together. Their lives took a bunch of turns and twists until they crossed each other’s paths. It’s a simple story really: as we learned at the reception, Erin met Jeff at a bar.

Oh wait, that is a lie.

These two actually found each other on and BOOM- the universe scored another victory. Thanks for setting the record straight on that one, Erin. But the fact that you let that one play out until the very end makes me heart you even more.

Never have I met a couple who belongs together more. The universe did ME a solid on this one, because I adore them. So for that, I am grateful. For these images, I am grateful. And the fact that I get to call you two fools my friends makes me the most grateful of all.

2014-07-21_0007Pin IT2014-07-21_0002Pin IT 2014-07-21_0032Pin IT 2014-07-21_0033Pin IT2014-07-21_0003Pin IT 2014-07-21_0004Pin IT 2014-07-21_0035Pin IT2014-07-21_0008Pin IT 2014-07-21_0009Pin IT 2014-07-21_0039Pin IT2014-07-21_0010Pin IT“I don’t care about the rain. I just want to marry Jeff. Let’s do this.” -Erin (LOVE her).2014-07-21_0005Pin IT2014-07-21_0006Pin IT2014-07-21_0036Pin IT2014-07-21_0037Pin IT2014-07-21_0038Pin IT2014-07-21_0075Pin IT2014-07-21_0012Pin IT2014-07-21_0013Pin IT2014-07-21_0014Pin IT2014-07-21_0015Pin IT2014-07-21_0016Pin IT2014-07-21_0040Pin IT2014-07-21_0041Pin IT2014-07-21_0042Pin IT2014-07-21_0077Pin IT2014-07-21_0017Pin IT2014-07-21_0043Pin IT2014-07-21_0044Pin IT2014-07-21_0045Pin IT2014-07-21_0046Pin IT2014-07-21_0047Pin IT2014-07-21_0048Pin IT2014-07-21_0011Pin IT2014-07-21_0034Pin IT2014-07-21_0019Pin IT2014-07-21_0020Pin IT2014-07-21_0021Pin IT2014-07-21_0050Pin IT2014-07-21_0022Pin IT2014-07-21_0023Pin IT2014-07-21_0051Pin IT2014-07-21_0053Pin IT2014-07-21_0054Pin IT2014-07-21_0052Pin IT2014-07-21_0024Pin IT2014-07-21_0025Pin IT2014-07-21_0026Pin IT2014-07-21_0055Pin IT2014-07-21_0056Pin IT2014-07-21_0057Pin IT2014-07-21_0058Pin IT2014-07-21_0027Pin IT2014-07-21_0028Pin IT2014-07-21_0029Pin IT2014-07-21_0059Pin IT2014-07-21_0060Pin IT2014-07-21_0061Pin IT2014-07-21_0062Pin IT2014-07-21_0063Pin IT2014-07-21_0064Pin IT2014-07-21_0001Pin IT2014-07-21_0049Pin IT2014-07-21_0018Pin IT2014-07-21_0030Pin IT2014-07-21_0031Pin IT2014-07-21_0065Pin IT2014-07-21_0066Pin IT2014-07-21_0067Pin IT2014-07-21_0068Pin IT2014-07-21_0070Pin IT2014-07-21_0072Pin IT2014-07-21_0076Pin IT2014-07-21_0069Pin IT2014-07-21_0071Pin IT2014-07-21_0073Pin IT2014-07-21_0074Pin IT

Ceremony and reception venue: The Historic Ambassador House & Heritage Gardens | Officiant: Reynold Berry | Bride’s dress: Allure Bridal from Bridal Superstore by Posie Patch | Bride’s jewelry and accessories: Macy’s | Bride’s shoes: Jessica Simpson from DSW | Bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal | Suits: Perry Ellis from Macy’s | Hair and makeup: Flirt Salon and Spa | Rings: Erin’s ring is Henri Daussi from Distinctive Diamonds (hers) and Jeff’s ring belonged to his father | Caterer: Jacquie’s Gormet Catering | Desserts: Confectioneress | Reception band: The RumorsReception decor (including the badass tent tree, which was made from vines from their home): the bride and groom | Photography: molly connor photography

First dance: Hold You In My Arms, Ray LamontagneRay Lamontagne | Father and daughter dance: You Say It Best, Allison Krause and Union Station | Mother and son dance: Night and Day, performed by Best Man, Benjamin Davis

Cheers to nirE and Jeff. xoxox.

2014-07-21_0078Pin ITRebecca Bridges, I couldn’t do my job without you. You make me a better photographer and all around human.

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