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I am a firm believer that an engagement shoot is the best possible way for you to practice being a supermodel on your big day. It not only helps get you comfortable in front of the camera, but it also gives us a chance to do a little pre-wedding bonding! In an effort to make sure we’re all on the same page for your big shoot, I’ve put together a few thoughts to help you prepare.

2014-03-25_0108Pin ITBE ON TIME.

I rely heavily on natural-light, so it’s really all about the daylight. We’ll take a look at the calendar and make note of the time the sun will set. There are certain times that are better than others, so we will start there. Please plan ahead for traffic drama, a hair crisis or a fashion emergency. A typical shoot lasts about 90 minutes and I’d hate to eat into that time. We will schedule your session to get the best possible light, which will result in the best possible images. If the time we’ve decided on won’t work for some reason, let me know so that we can make a good decision about rescheduling.

2014-03-25_0105Pin ITDO SOME RESEARCH.

Send me your thoughts. Let’s work together to make sure you feel comfort- able in front of the camera. Typically, this is a little easier for girls, so sharing some images with Mr. Wonderful might help ease his mind. Use other sites for inspiration, but remember that many of the sessions that get published on amazing sites like stylemepretty.com and others are styled shoots and aren’t real life sessions. Let’s use them for inspiration, but we will work together to come up with some amazing and realistic goals for your session.

2014-03-25_0104Pin ITFIND THE PERFECT SPOT.

If you have a cool idea, please let me know. Our ultimate goal is to find a place that reflects the two of you and somewhere that you will feel comfortable. No location is off-limits. We will find some amazing places wherever we decide. If you’re stumped, I have plenty of thoughts. Let’s come up with some fabulous ideas together.

2014-03-25_0109Pin ITBRING PROPS.

Any good shoot is made up of three things: amazing models, interesting props and fantastic locations. Your engagement shoot is no different. We are shooting your story, so anything that makes it personal for the two of you is fine by me. Your trusty hound dog (although I strongly recommend bringing a third person to help out when the dog is not in the shots), some lattes from Starbucks, ice cream cones… the options are unlimited!

2014-03-25_0107Pin ITGET PRETTY.

A new outfit makes every girl feel better. And it might make sense to schedule your practice hair and makeup on the day of your engagement shoot. There’s no right or wrong here, but in my experience, feeling done up and fancy will help you rock your session. I know some amazing people who would love to pretty you up, so if you need a recommendation, please let me know.

2014-03-25_0106Pin ITCHEERS.

In my experience, a glass of wine or a beer or two takes the edge off a little. If this sounds like something you could get on board with, let me know and we’ll schedule a little time beforehand to get our game faces on.

2014-03-25_0010Pin IT

Your engagement shoot will be fabulous.

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