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Ever since my DEAR friends, Emily and Dax, had a baby, I just knew my first shoot with them had to be an in-home lifestyle session (actually, it was my first shoot with them ever because (1) I was a guest at their wedding and (2) I don’t do traditional studio newborn photos… those were placed in the hands of two of my very favorite photographers!). There was no doubt that this adorable family needed to be photographed in their element. We waited until their fabulous house renovation was done. Then, we waited until Cole had a few tricks (sitting, army crawling, dog teasing). The result? PERFECTION. I could NOT love these images more. I can’t stop staring at them. Thank you, friends… your willingness to do this shoot with me means the world (and please send me the bill for the Enza’s psychologist as a result of my lighting). I love you guys so much. Can we do this every year?

First, this face? I can’t.

2015-11-30_0015Pin IT2015-12-05_0001Pin IT2015-11-30_0006Pin IT2015-11-30_0017Pin IT2015-11-30_0013Pin IT2015-11-30_0008Pin IT2015-12-05_0005Pin IT2015-11-30_0014Pin IT2015-12-05_0012Pin IT2015-11-30_0023Pin IT2015-11-30_0012Pin IT2015-11-30_0020Pin IT2015-11-30_0018Pin IT2015-11-30_0009Pin IT2015-11-30_0022Pin IT2015-12-05_0013Pin IT2015-12-05_0008Pin IT2015-12-05_0011Pin IT2015-12-05_0004Pin IT2015-11-30_0011Pin IT2015-12-05_0003Pin IT2015-11-30_0007Pin IT2015-11-30_0003Pin IT2015-12-05_0007Pin IT2015-11-30_0021Pin IT2015-11-30_0004Pin IT2015-11-30_0005Pin IT2015-11-30_0019Pin IT2015-12-05_0010Pin IT2015-11-30_0024Pin IT2015-11-30_0016Pin IT2015-11-30_0010Pin IT

This may be one of my favorite images EVER. It showcases their laid-backness (totally NOT a real word) and their schmoopiness (totally a real word) as a couple. Please and thank you on this one, friends:

2015-12-05_0006Pin IT

When it started raining snowballs, we only had one moveā€”let’s roll outside! Emily and Dax got engaged on the front porch of this house and were married in the back yard. So, this house is special. I especially adore this one:

2015-12-05_0014Pin IT2015-12-05_0015Pin IT2015-12-05_0002Pin IT2015-12-05_0009Pin IT

And while we decided to keep all of the images from this shoot in black and white, this one screamed to be left in color (executive decision by yours truly.) And yes, the snow looks fake. It wasn’t. Thanks for the assist, Mother Nature.

2015-11-30_0001Pin IT

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