emily and gary | the wedding

In 1993, I made a friend. Later that year, I met that friend’s little sister. Twenty years later, I photographed that little sister’s wedding. And, it was perfection.

Emily and Eaden married Gary on the perfect spring day in Cincinnati. It was a story that was a long time in the making… Emily had waited for the man who would love she and Eaden with all of his heart. And, Gary was the guy. Emily and Eaden had been a duo for 15 years. They weren’t an easy nut to crack, I’m sure. But the way Gary looks at them both melts my heart. These girls are worthy of all of the love that he has to give. It was my pleasure to be a part of it. And along with Emily and Eaden come a WHOLE GAGGLE of characters… some of whom are my favorite people around. Life is a beautiful thing.

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On a personal note, as an only child, I’ve often reflected on the notion of your friends being your family. No group of people has ever solidified that theory more than this group. Twenty years of twists, turns, ups, downs, moves, babies, loves, breakups… these ladies have become my family. Years pass, time flies, but it’s pretty clear: friends become your family. And for that, I’m grateful. Thank you for welcoming me home. Here’s to the next twenty years…

2014-04-30_0081Pin ITHotel: 21C Cincinnati | Ceremony and reception venue: The Rookwood | Wedding coordinator: Blue Dahlia Events | Bride’s dress: Hyde Park Bridal | Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss | Officiant: Kathy Beechem, Crossroads | Hair: Brent Crisp, NYC | Makeup: Jen Lewton from Salon Image • Body • Spirit | Florist: Eden Floral Boutique | Caterer: The Rookwood | Treats: Sue-z Aley | Tanning: Beam Sunfree Tanning | Transporation: Motor Toys | Music: Ben Thomas Music | Photographer: molly connor photography

On a personal note with the vendors… I’ve known the owners of Eden Floral Boutique and Beam Sunfree Tanning for 24 and 20 years, respectively. Who knew? I love our adventures. Thank you.

And… thank you to Rebecca Bridges for being an amazing second photographer and putting up with me at a wedding full of my friends. You are the best.

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