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Two things. First, I have SO much fun with Ellie and Sam. I mean, they make me work for it. Hard. But they are just freaking delightful. See?

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Second of all, I want to be Ellie when I grow up. I mean, really? So. Much. Game.

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Here’s where we went wrong: we took these two kids to an ice cream shop that doesn’t look like an ice cream shop, and we erroneously told them that we would be having ice cream after the shoot WAY TOO EARLY IN THE GAME. So, while Sam was trying to negotiate his way out of more pictures/securing his denim game, Ellie and I had a little photo shoot… and somehow, she was suddenly so grown up. Ellie and I share a good friend named Tess. And one day, they will run the world. Watch out.

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This is the face of a kid who really REALLY worked hard and wants some ice cream:

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My job is pretty darn good. Kids, cows and ice cream. On a Wednesday. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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