eleven minutes with alex | indianapolis portrait photographer

Today, I had seven amazing studio mini-shoots. This is Alex. Everything went right. I had a cool kid, a laid back mom, a fancy tie, a toy from home, a bribe for a special surprise from Target and loud music. And we had donut holes.

It went like this:

9:20: arrival | 9:24: donut hole negotiations | 9:26: photo shoot begins | 9:37: photo shoot ends | 9:38: donut hole fulfillment | 9:40: outfit change | 9:45: out the door

Bam. Eleven minutes of shooting and magic happened. I can’t wait to share the others.2014-04-19_0008Pin IT 2014-04-19_0009Pin IT 2014-04-19_0010Pin IT 2014-04-19_0011Pin IT 2014-04-19_0012Pin IT 2014-04-19_0013Pin IT 2014-04-19_0014Pin IT 2014-04-19_0015Pin IT 2014-04-19_0016Pin IT 2014-04-19_0017Pin IT 2014-04-19_0018Pin IT 2014-04-19_0019Pin IT 2014-04-19_0020Pin IT 2014-04-19_0021Pin IT 2014-04-19_0022Pin IT 2014-04-19_0023Pin IT 2014-04-19_0024Pin IT 2014-04-19_0025Pin IT 2014-04-19_0026Pin IT 2014-04-19_0027Pin IT 2014-04-19_0028Pin IT


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