clarity, instagram and room service | just me

Things I learned on my summer vacation, by Molly Connor.

I don’t take enough vacations.  I’m pretty good at them.  If resting and drinking frozen drinks were a competition, I’d medal.  Fo sho.

The desert is effing hot.  It’s crazy effing hot in August.  It’s helpful to have a big pool and the aforementioned frozen drinks handy.

It turns out that resting and recharging does, in fact, give you clarity.  Good meals, good wine and long showers don’t hurt either.

The world doesn’t end if I leave my camera at home.  Instagram does just fine.  Not to mention, airport security goes way faster.

And, most importantly, I’m grateful for my life—my friends, my family, my job, my love.  And room service.Pin IT

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