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You know that feeling when you put on the perfect pair of pajamas, pour the most delicious glass of wine, cuddle up on the couch and find the loveliest spot under the best blanket? And really, the only way to describe it is: COMFORTABLE? That’s how I would describe Christina and Logan’s love. Yes, it’s schmoopy and passionate and major like whoa… but mostly it’s comfortable. They make everyone around them happy. They are so full of joy. They’re contagious… and it’s such a pleasure to watch. And to photograph it? Well, that’s some next-level awesome. Their wedding was amazing. It was everything you could want… fancy, fun, emotional, stunning… and comfortable. There wasn’t one person there who wasn’t intoxicated by these moments. And the way that their family and friends wrap them up in love is a sight to behold.

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2017-05-10_0002Pin IT2017-05-10_0003Pin IT2017-05-10_0006Pin IT2017-05-10_0005Pin ITView More: IT2017-05-10_0007Pin IT2017-05-10_0008Pin IT2017-05-10_0009Pin IT2017-05-10_0010Pin IT2017-05-10_0011Pin IT2017-05-10_0012Pin IT2017-05-10_0013Pin IT2017-05-10_0014Pin IT2017-05-10_0015Pin IT2017-05-10_0016Pin IT2017-05-10_0018Pin ITChristina and Logan… I heart you. You are one of the very best chapters of my story. I am thrilled to have been able to tell yours. And Logan… I will never force you to play in traffic again. I pinky swear.

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