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Oh, #thejollygoodrellers, how I love thee. Let me count the ways: (1) Chrissy in a blue dress, (2) and then a white dress, (3) Zach in a custom suit with a velvet bow tie, (4) Leon the groomsdog, (5) three handsome bridesmen, (6) two lovely bridesmaids, (7) a gang of dapper groomsmen, (8) an entire squad of ushers (there were 14), (9) a handsome officiant, (10) showstopping florals from Isibeal Studio, (11) a charming ceremony at the Indianapolis Central Library, (12) a drinking game at each place setting, (13) Toy Factory on the stage, (14) an old German (by way of Michigan) tradition called Sie Lieben Hoch… and THAT is just the short list. Add to that another opportunity to work with Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination, and you have a photographer’s dream come true. I sincerely couldn’t love this day more. Cheers.

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What did I tell you? Those flowers? To die for.

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When you’re SUPER Pacers fans, you invite your long-time usher, Rosie, and her husband Joe to your wedding. And they rock out.

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And this? This is the Sie Liben Hoch. I cannot even begin to explain. Total tomfoolery and amazingness.

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Thank you to Mark and Martina for introducing me to Chrissy and Zach. This is truly one of my favorite weddings EVER. Glad you guys found a drink. xoxo.

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AND the perfect way to start the next morning after a throw down like this: an epic gift bag.

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Ceremony and reception venue: Indianapolis Central Library | Day-of wedding coordination: Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination | Hair and makeup: Sara Kirby for Evan Todd Salon | Brides dresses: Temperly London and Tadashi Shoji | Bridesmaid dresses: Erin Featherston | Groom’s suit: custom from Leon Tailoring Company | Florist: Isibeal Studio | Paperie: Wedding Paper Divas | Officiant: Charlie Mattingly, friend of the couple | Ceremony music: Jim Loughery, piano | Reception entertainment: Toy Factory | Caterer and sweets: Ritz Charles | Videography: Trendy Fox |Photography: Molly Connor Photography

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