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lizzy and nathan | the bloomington wedding

I first met Lizzy in a tiny sandwich shop in Moorseville. It was a trick to get our schedules syched, but from theView full post »

elizabeth and robbie | the wedding

Oh, Elizabeth and Robbie… what can I say? You two just ooze joy. It’s so evident in these photos how madly in love youView full post »

christine and caleb | cincinnati wedding photographer

One bride, one groom, two bridesmaids and nineteen groomsman. Yep, you read that right. Christine and Caleb surroundedView full post »

laura and conner | the wedding

Look up “happy couple” in the dictionary, and you’ll surely find a photo of Laura and Conner.  TheyView full post »

andrea and mark | the wedding

Venue: Indiana State Museum | Bride’s dress: Demetrios fromView full post »

katie and kyle | the wedding

Katie, Kyle and I first met at a tea shop.  She knew exactly what she wanted, and he looked at her like all he wantedView full post »

danielle and andrew | the wedding

I’ve known Danielle for what seems like… well, forever.  From good old #8177… it’s been so funView full post »

katie and matt | the wedding

I adore Katie and Matt.  I knew immediately that if their wedding was going to be half as lovely as they were, it wasView full post »

courtney and brett | the wedding

Dear Courtney and Brett: Thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding.  There’s nothing more lovely than when oneView full post »

kevin + michael | meg miller photography | my $0.02

In light of what’s going on in the Supreme Court today, I cannot end the day without sharing this: I am in theView full post »

the first look | my $0.02

Decisions, decisions, decisions. When planning a wedding, your life becomes consumed with decisions. But taking aView full post »

katie + michael | the wedding

Like any good love story, Katie and Michael’s started when they met while waiting in line for the bathroom at a trendyView full post »

molly + scott | the wedding

When you plan a wedding in late December, you have to imagine a fresh inch of snow on the trees and a perfectView full post »

brianna and brian | the wedding

It was cold.  Really cold.  And they were brave.  But, what a fantastic day for Brianna and Brian’s winter wedding.  IView full post »

megan and billy | the mulligan

Megan married Billy.  Their wedding was amazing.  You can see it here.  Everything was perfect.  They looked lovely. View full post »

brittney + brett | the wedding

I knew from the very first line of Brett’s very first inquiry email that it was going to be an amazing adventure withView full post »

annelise and bob | the wedding

So much to be thankful for—at Annelise and Bob’s late November wedding.  The Columbia Club and the holiday feel ofView full post »

happy new year | some things

The new year at molly connor photography starts today—a few days late.  On January 1, I packed up and headed south forView full post »

brittney + brett | photo booth

What do you get when you take 45 minutes, a fun backdrop, questionable lighting, an amazing bridal party, fun guestsView full post »

allison + greg | the wedding

  And a teaser for next year’s wedding of Melissa andView full post »

sarah and greg | the wedding

My mom’s former student’s mom worked with Sarah.  And so it begins… I knew it was meant to be over the first fewView full post »

lauren + greg | the wedding

Every detail about this wedding was perfect.  Everything.  The invitations.  The necklace.  The shoes.  The new watchView full post »

emily and reilly | the wedding

A funny thing happened on the way to Emily and Reilly’s Bloomington wedding.  I rang Emily on the phone to tell her IView full post »

black friday hookups | ready? go.

I’m coming up for air between editing and eating to see how you feel about 50% off portraits and $500 off ofView full post »

ashley + rob | indianapolis wedding photographer

I first chatted with Ashley over email.  She was so excited to marry this wonderful man she had met and was justView full post »

taylor and james | indianapolis wedding photographer | take 2

My apologies.  During the blog transfer, these images went missing.  Here they are,View full post »

katie + gary | tucson wedding photographer

It’s funny how people come into your life.  Katie is an honorary Connor (a blessing and a curse) and I just love her. View full post »

julie + drew | the wedding | indianapolis wedding photographer

Oh, Grannan and Drew.  Where to start? I’ve known Julie Grannan since I was 14 years old-ish.  I’ll spare you the math,View full post »

taylor + james | indianapolis wedding photographer

Venue: The Hawthorns Golf & Country Club | Wedding planner: Boldly Chic Events | Decor and florals: The DesignView full post »

megan and billy | indianapolis wedding photographer

I liked them the moment that I met them.  They were fun.  You know how you just know?  I knew.  They had a cool venue,View full post »

megan + billy | a teaser

NO ONE will accuse these two of not having a damn good time at their reception.  LOVE them.View full post »

lindsay + jason | indianapolis wedding photographer

Lindsay and Jason are the kind of couple that make me believe in the real thing.  They met and lollygaggedView full post »

lauren + derek | the wedding | indianapolis wedding photographer

and it’s something quite peculiar | something that’s shimmering and white | leads you here despite yourView full post »

share the love | wish upon a wedding

It’s share the love week.  So, let’s share it, friends.  If you don’t already know about Wish Upon AView full post »

sarah + zach | the wedding | indianapolis wedding photographer

Meet Zach and Sarah*.  Zach is just the sweetest guy around.  And Sarah is the most enthusiastic bride—in the historyView full post »

shelbe + joel | the barn | indianapolis wedding photographer

These two are proof that the world is a beautiful place.  They are just special, and I’ve been sure of their love sinceView full post »