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maggie and thomas | indianapolis wedding photographer

These two. I mean… the cutest. Right? Since Maggie S. and Thomas S. were always next to one another in the alphabet,View full post »

lilly and brian | indianapolis wedding photographer

When I first met Lilly, it was over a bagel at Einstein. I knew immediately that she was going to have the perfectView full post »

anna and cam | indianapolis wedding photographer

You know that kind of cold that’s just wet? The kind of cold that’s not freezing, persay, but more just theView full post »

tara and john :: wild air farm | indianapolis wedding photographer

Ceremony and reception venue: Wild Air Farm | Wedding planner: Tara Steele for Tara NicoleView full post »

ali and dj :: the wedding | indianapolis wedding photographer

Vendor list: coming soon. Special thanks to Micah Bell for keeping me inView full post »

lauren and tanner | indianapolis wedding photographer

Lauren and Tanner had a perfect wedding. It doesn’t even seem like there was rain, wind and a bridal party thatView full post »

laura and ronnie | indianapolis wedding photographer

I’ve known Laura forever. Her dad is a friend of mine. And even before I knew her in real life, the stories ofView full post »

katie and nick | indianapolis wedding photographer

Katie and Nick. I love these two. Like in the kind of a way that, if we were in junior high, I’d write them aView full post »

julie and bill | indianapolis wedding photographer {batesville}

Julie and Bill… what can I say? These two are as good as it gets. I simply adore them. So sweet, so in love, soView full post »

kiersten and colin | the wedding

This was one of those times where I knew Kiersten from a previous life, I saw on social media that she got engaged, andView full post »

anne and adam (and louis) | the wedding

First of all, get comfortable. This is going to take a moment (and apologies to my friend B who thinks I blog too manyView full post »

jenny and chris | the wedding

Jenny and I should have crossed paths many years ago. We were at Cathedral at the same time. We were at XavierView full post »

kayli and grant | the wedding

Sometimes, a plan just comes together. A beautiful couple. A gorgeous day. Plenty of time. Impeccable details. Ah, IView full post »

an open letter to bridesmaids and groomsmen | my $0.02

An open letter to bridesmaids and groomsmen: You’re their best friend. Their brother. Their favorite cousin. A sororityView full post »

mallory and brandon | the wedding

Mallory and Brandon got married on a beautiful summer day in southern Indiana. I’ve loved seeing these two planView full post »

erin and jeff | the wedding

Photographer’s note: I apologize that there are 39,492,032 images in this post. I literally couldn’t stopView full post »

alyssa and brian | the chicago wedding

Alyssa and Brian live in Tucson, Arizona. They came to me by way of referral (love that). When I first emailed withView full post »

natalie and eric | the wedding

I’ve known Natalie since she was… 6. So, when she reached out to me about photographing the day she marriedView full post »

brooke and chris | the wedding

Brooke and Chris are a dream come true… they are gorgeous and kind and fun (and the first time I met with them, IView full post »

jessica and phillip | the wedding

Jessica and Phil. There are no words. The moment that I met Jess over a cocktail at the Ball & Biscuit, I knew thatView full post »

kaelin and james | the wedding

A few things that I’ve learned about Kaelin and James, by Molly Connor First of all, on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, KaelinView full post »

emily and gary | the wedding

In 1993, I made a friend. Later that year, I met that friend’s little sister. Twenty years later, I photographedView full post »

onto the next one.

Last year’s wedding season was pretty dope. It will be hard to top. I had snow, sand, dogs, a flash mob, collegeView full post »

a styled shoot: the crane bay

Last year, a fantastic group of vendors got together to create a styled shoot, showcasing one of the most unique venuesView full post »

jessica and rick | the wedding

WHAT a way to kick of 2014! Whoa. Once upon a time, Rick went to a bank to refinance his house. Little did he know thatView full post »

brynn and cory | the wedding

Brynn and Cory. Love these two. I mean, come on. Adorable, lovely and super in love. Oh, and pretty darn easy on theView full post »

mindy and greg | the wedding

My dearest Mindy… Our friendship has been on the books for a long time—and for that, I’m grateful. We have beenView full post »

holly and trent | the wedding

I adore Holly. I’ve loved her from the beginning of this process, and I think that the universe meant for us toView full post »

natalie and trent | the wedding

Welcome to blog mania. First up, Natalie and Trent. It all started over a bottle of wine and a fantastic conversation.View full post »

staci and steve | the wedding

It all started in Las Vegas. A chance meeting of two people from different worlds. They fell in love, Steve relocatedView full post »

on being an advocate for the bride

First, you look at my website. Then, you send me an email. We set up a time to meet, I buy a few drinks and the funView full post »

megan and eric | the wedding

She lost her phone. He found it. And so it began… Miles and moves and travels and commutes followed. And, on Saturday,View full post »

carrie and scott | the wedding

It’s funny how people come into your life*. I am so grateful to have met Carrie and Scott and to have been a part ofView full post »

lauren and adam | the wedding

It’s such a joy to have good friends. The icing on the cake is when you get to watch one of your favorites meet aView full post »

lindsey and chuck | the wedding

I love Lindsey and Chuck. I love their emails and their demeanor and their quickie engagement photos and their overallView full post »