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a letter to Lucy Jane | a few more days

Important note: I originally wrote this blog in the past tense, as I thought tomorrow was the dreaded day. But, LucyView full post »

one thousand four hundred seventy six days (-ish) | a personal post

Five years ago, I left my “real job” to be a full-time photographer. You can read about that here. WhatView full post »

An open letter to my clients from 30,000 feet

An open letter to my clients: Life happens. It’s November. In the photography business, that means it’s asView full post »

for todd.

(note: this song made me cry the first time that I heard it… and now it will make me cry for always.) Farewell,View full post »

my friend needs a new heart. today. help.

My friend Todd needs a new heart. His heart is jacked up. Literally, it’s broken. And it needs to be replaced.View full post »

alegra | the pre-quinceañera

(Note from me: I’ve known Alegra since she was in first grade. Without question, I consider her family to be myView full post »

happy birthday, dear momma

Dear Susan: I had an idea. I thought I would ask some of your friends for a few reasons why they loved you. I wasView full post »

uh-oh, another lightbulb went out…

A little over ten weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about light bulbs. You can read it here. It’s pretty darn good. Today,View full post »

wtf | the arrows

*Yes, I had to look up “fletches”.View full post »

onto the next one.

Last year’s wedding season was pretty dope. It will be hard to top. I had snow, sand, dogs, a flash mob, collegeView full post »

a styled shoot: the crane bay

Last year, a fantastic group of vendors got together to create a styled shoot, showcasing one of the most unique venuesView full post »

headquarters | molly connor photography

A few months ago, I moved my office back to my house. It made sense financially in terms of operating costs… andView full post »

the one about the light bulbs | personal

My bathroom has four lights above the vanity. They each take a 60-watt bulb. Early last month, two light bulbs burnedView full post »

when rick had a birthday…

You know how you have those FUN friends? The one who are just inherently fun and is always in for a good time? ThoseView full post »

the blog about turning 38.

Ah, 38. How in the hell did that happen? I’ve been pretty reflective lately. I’ve done a great deal ofView full post »

and the wisdom to know the difference

October 1, 1983.  I was seven years old. Thirty years ago. That’s 10,957 days. I don’t remember my dad drinking.View full post »

yours truly

Thank you so much for the amazing photos, Angel Canary.  I couldn’t love them more! And a little teaser fromView full post »

the lucy jane post | with a happy(-ish) ending

My mom was right.  Ugh. Eleven years ago, two Mollies lived together.  Early that summer, Other Molly’s mom was in theView full post »

kevin + michael | meg miller photography | my $0.02

In light of what’s going on in the Supreme Court today, I cannot end the day without sharing this: I am in theView full post »

an update.

Hello there.  It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? I’m one wedding into 2013 and am almost done editing the last of my 2012View full post »

ctrl + alt + del

Things are crazy.  I’ll fill you in later.  To cope, I ran away for a few days.  Grown up move, I know.  I madeView full post »

the fault in our stars | john green

Put down what you’re doing.  Drive to the bookstore.  Purchase this book.  It’s perfect.View full post »

less than three | thanksgiving 2012

I’m just home from our family Thanksgiving.  Family is such an interesting word, right?  There’s yourView full post »

my love.

Found this tonight when I was tidying up my computer.  One of my favorite photos of my most favorite girl.View full post »

tyler, cameron and annie | indianapolis portrait photographer

Sometimes, you just get lucky in life and make one of THOSE friends.  You know, the ones who you just feel like haveView full post »

and, exhale.

I have the best job in the world.  Really, I can (for the most part) sleep in on Mondays and I get to work with some ofView full post »

the first day of school | mrs. connor

So, Mrs. Connor doesn’t have the releases yet to put this new batch of kids on her blog, so when I stopped byView full post »

share the love | wish upon a wedding

It’s share the love week.  So, let’s share it, friends.  If you don’t already know about Wish Upon AView full post »

clarity, instagram and room service | just me

Things I learned on my summer vacation, by Molly Connor. I don’t take enough vacations.  I’m pretty good at them.  IfView full post »

pretty girls, good drugs and HBO | just me

My weekend started out like this: And ended up like this: Not good.  But there were some bright spots—let’s focus onView full post »

one year | an open letter

Dear friend (because after all, the second A does stand for “anonymous”): Sometimes, I will write my blogsView full post »

an update on stuff

I went to Vegas.  I bought a new website.  I let it totally overwhelm me.  Then, once I decided that beingView full post »

anniversaries and new doors | the studio

“If I can make it through the first year, I will be fine.” That’s what I told myself one year agoView full post »

with love, on valentine’s day…

I am so lucky.  I am in the business of love.   In my job, I see all kinds of love—and it’s the best job in the world.View full post »

did you miss me? i’m back.

Hello, friends.  I am so sorry I have been MIA (not the girl who flipped off the Super Bowl, but “missing in action”). View full post »