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Oh, Cara and Ted. I cannot even tell you how much spending this day meant to me. You two are just as good as it gets, and your willingess to share this day with me makes my heart happy. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, Sandy) was just perfect. Your friends, your families, your venues, your weather… it was all to die for. The bagpiper? Gets me EVERY. TIME. Ugh. LOVE. Thank you for being so patient while I dug myself out of blogging backlog. You two are just the loveliest.

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Psssstttt. Hey Ted, go Cards. Nice gift, Cara!

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Quite possibly one of my favorite photos ever. But credit where credit is due… I rely on second shooters so heavily when the couple decides not to see each other beforehand. I just can’t be in two places at once. Crazy props to Caitlin Sullivan for snagging this image:

2015-10-08_0024Pin IT2015-10-08_0021Pin IT2015-10-08_0020Pin IT2015-10-08_0022Pin IT2015-10-08_0019Pin IT2015-10-08_0043Pin ITG2015-10-08_0044Pin IT

2015-10-08_0018Pin IT2015-10-08_0054Pin IT2015-10-08_0017Pin IT2015-10-08_0016Pin IT2015-10-08_0029Pin IT2015-10-08_0031Pin IT2015-10-08_0059Pin IT2015-10-08_0032Pin IT2015-10-08_0034Pin IT2015-10-08_0030Pin IT2015-10-08_0035Pin IT2015-10-08_0033Pin IT2015-10-08_0036Pin IT2015-10-08_0058Pin IT2015-10-08_0060Pin IT2015-10-08_0056Pin IT

I love a bride that can multi-task… the old selfie while bustling trick. Nailed it.

2015-10-08_0041Pin IT2015-10-08_0040Pin IT2015-10-08_0038Pin IT2015-10-08_0055Pin IT

These, two… I can’t even.

2015-10-08_0042Pin IT

I can’t wait to share your whole collection with you. Love you ALL (you too, Sandy and TWINNIES!).

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